Danielle Svet­cov

Levine Green­berg Rostan Lit­er­ary Agency

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Who she rep­re­sents: Brid­get Quinn (Broad Strokes), Bon­nie Tsui (Why We Swim), Ni­cole Perl­roth (This Is How They Tell Me the World Ends), Stephanie Wil­bur Ash (The Annie Year), Meg Eli­son (The Book of the Un­named Mid­wife), James Nestor (Deep), Sha­lane Flana­gan and El­yse Kopecky (Run Fast Eat Slow), Eben Weiss (The Ul­ti­mate Bi­cy­cle Owner’s Man­ual)

What she wants to read: Bi­ogra­phies and his­to­ries in which I can smell the breath and walk in the foot­steps of the char­ac­ters pro­filed; mem­oirs and re­ported nar­ra­tives braced by vivid scenes and a sense of ur­gency; hu­mor that can re­vive a mar­riage when read be­fore bed; fic­tion that reads easy but isn’t.

When you should con­tact her: If your manuscript is the only piece of writ­ing you’ve got to share (you’re not a working jour­nal­ist, say, or a pub­lished au­thor), then your manuscript (if it’s fic­tion) should be com­plete be­fore you

query. If you are a pro­fes­sional writer with clips ga­lore to share, I still rec­om­mend you query when you’ve got a fin­ished manuscript (if fic­tion), be­cause it leaves no mys­tery (but it’s up to you). If you’re sub­mit­ting non­fic­tion—all writ­ers—then you should have a full pro­posal to share when you query. Coda: An agent should not be the first per­son (be­sides you) to read your manuscript or pro­posal.

Where she can be reached: e-mail dsvet­cov@lgr­lit­er­ary.com

Why you should want her as your agent: To quote my clients: “re­lent­less,” “wolfish,” “and she al­ways calls you back.” How she wants to be con­tacted: Send query let­ter with at­tached pro­posal or sam­ple of fic­tion (say, twenty-five pages).

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