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T he most ef­fec­tive way to take charge of our health is to un­der­stand how the body func­tions at the cel­lu­lar level. In or­der for each cell to thrive (be a tiny mil­lion­aire), it must have an abun­dant sup­ply of nu­tri­ents.

There are many kinds of nu­tri­ents, but the first ones we’ll talk about are the min­er­als. Min­er­als come from the Earth. They are in the ground where they nour­ish the plants. They are also in the ocean in the form of salt. Each min­eral con­tains a unique vi­bra­tory fre­quency that matches a fre­quency in one of our liv­ing tis­sues.

The term “min­eral fre­quency” may be new to us, but it’s not new to our cells. We al­ready have an un­der­stand­ing of “fre­quency”. Sound is fre­quency, and so is light. Each note of mu­sic con­tains a cer­tain fre­quency. The “A” sound that tunes the orches­tra has the fre­quency of 440 vi­bra­tions/ sec­ond. If one in­stru­ment is not tuned to that ex­act pitch, the whole orches­tra sounds bad. The body is like an orches­tra. When each tis­sue is tuned to its proper fre­quency, the body is filled with health and beauty. Ev­ery­thing has a fre­quency; foods, drinks, thoughts, words, ac­tions, sun­light and emo­tions. Tak­ing charge of our health will keep us busy tun­ing up all the ar­eas of our life­style.

Our bodies are de­signed to take all the fre­quen­cies in through our di­ges­tive sys­tem and senses. Our skin, ears, nose, tongue, and eyes all gather the fre­quen­cies and bring them into our body. Each body func­tion re­quires the en­ergy of the fre­quen­cies. Long be­fore a dis­ease man­i­fests, a de­fi­ciency in one of the fre­quen­cies is present.

As we be­gin to un­der­stand how im­por­tant min­er­als are to our body’s cells, let’s first re­mem­ber how im­por­tant min­er­als are in our world out­side the body. One of the most im­por­tant things we fo­cus on out­side the body is money. Real money comes from the earth in the form of in­or­ganic min­er­als or pre­cious met­als. Gold and sil­ver are two of the min­er­als we use for money. They are pre­cious for two rea­sons; they are hard to find, and it takes a spe­cial process to sep­a­rate them from all the dirt and rocks where they hide.

The process of find­ing and re­mov­ing pre­cious min­er­als from the earth is called min­ing. The dirt or ore, that con­tains the min­er­als, is hauled from the mine to a re­fin­ery called a smelter. Here the ore is pro­cessed and the pre­cious min­er­als are re­moved, pu­ri­fied, and formed into gold bricks. The dirt that’s left af­ter the gold and sil­ver has been taken out is piled out­side the smelter. The piles are called mine tail­ings.

The gold bricks are taken from the smelter to the mint where they are re­fined and formed into coins. The coins are dif­fer­ent sizes. They have dif­fer­ent pic­tures and words stamped on them. These mark­ings in­di­cate the value of each coin, the coun­try it came from, and the year it was made. Once the money is made, it en­ters an­other whole sys­tem of be­ing earned, spent, saved, and stored. This is the bank­ing sys­tem.

In the bank­ing sys­tem, we have check­ing, sav­ings, and re­tire­ment ac­counts. We have stock mar­kets and loan com­pa­nies. There are ways to de­posit and with­draw money from the ac­counts, and there is in­ter­est to be earned or paid.

All of this is go­ing on in­side our body, and we don’t even re­al­ize what’s re­ally hap­pen­ing at the cel­lu­lar level.

Next week, I’ll ex­plain more about the in­ter­nal bank­ing sys­tem. I’ll go into where the money comes from and how we earn it. To­day we can start think­ing about set­ting a per­sonal health goal to be­come a Body-money-mil­lion­aire. There are 10 in­come sources for our body that we’ll go into. Imag­ine what it will be like to be that healthy.

It will take us about 18 months to get there if we work hard at it, oth­er­wise we may dance on and off the path and re­ceive a few ben­e­fits along the way, but never make it all the way to the Mil­lion­aire sta­tus. We’ll look into how we can fast-track the process and speed up our re­sults. Over 130 peo­ple have been ex­pe­ri­enc­ing the fast-track since Fe­bru­ary 20 of this year, and more are dis­cov­er­ing it ev­ery day. It is one of the most ex­cit­ing things I’ve ever ex­pe­ri­enced, and I can’t wait to share.

Un­til then … take charge … Sylvia

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