Franken­stein Bag

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• 2 (21/2"-di­am­e­ter) cir­cle scraps

pur­ple dot • Scrap co­or­di­nat­ing stripe • Fat eighth pur­ple tonal • 1/2 yard green tonal • 1/2 yard Hal­loween print • 1 pack­age craft-size bat­ting

(34" x 45") or scraps • Neu­tral-color all-pur­pose thread • Black size 8 pearl cot­ton • 2 (11/4") 4-hole but­tons, any color • 6" length large black rick­rack • 1/8 yard fusible web • 20" length black knit cord • Craft glue • No-fray so­lu­tion • 121/2" pa­per square • Din­ner plate • Em­broi­dery nee­dle • Ba­sic sewing tools and sup­plies


1. Us­ing the pa­per pat­tern made in step 2 of the Cat Bag cut­ting in­struc­tions, cut a bag front and back from the green tonal and Hal­loween print and two bat­ting pieces.

2. Draw two 21/4" x 1" eye­brow rec­tan­gles and one 5" x 11/4" mouth rec­tan­gle on the pa­per side of the fusible web, leav­ing at least 1/4" be­tween pieces. Cut out shapes, leav­ing a mar­gin around each one.

3. Fuse the eye­brow and mouth rec­tan­gles to the wrong side of the co­or­di­nat­ing stripe with stripes go­ing hor­i­zon­tally on eye­brows and with stripes go­ing ver­ti­cally on the mouth. Cut out shapes and re­move pa­per back­ing.

4. Cut four 21/2" x 31/2" rec­tan­gles from the pur­ple tonal for ears.

5. Cut two 21/2" x 31/2" rec­tan­gles and two 11/4"-di­am­e­ter cir­cles from bat­ting.


1. Place the rick­rack across the cen­ter of the mouth rec­tan­gle, trim to fit and ap­ply no-fray so­lu­tion to the ends; let dry. Stitch down the cen­ter of the rick­rack to se­cure.

2. Po­si­tion the eye­brow and mouth pieces on the bag front piece; fuse in place.

3. Pin the bag front to one bat­ting piece; ma­chine-baste 3/16" from the edge. Re­peat with the bag back and re­main­ing bat­ting piece.

4. Trans­fer the eye, nose and chin quilt­ing lines to the bag front re­fer­ring to the Franken­stein Face Po­si­tion­ing Pat­tern. Us­ing an em­broi­dery nee­dle and 1 strand of black pearl cot­ton, sew long quilt­ing stitches along the marked lines.

5. Place two ear rec­tan­gles right sides to­gether and pin to a 21/2" x 31/2" bat­ting rec­tan­gle. Sew around, leav­ing one long edge open. Trim bat­ting close to seam; clip cor­ners. Turn right side out and press flat. Re­peat for sec­ond ear.

6. Us­ing black pearl cot­ton, sew long quilt­ing stitches 3/4" from the seam.

7. Place the ears at the sides of the bag front with one ear 31/2" down from the top and the other 4" down; baste in place as shown in Fig­ure 8.

8. Re­fer to steps 7–12 in Com­plet­ing the Cat Bag to sew the bag to­gether.

9. Glue the 11/4"-di­am­e­ter bat­ting cir­cles to the top of two but­tons.

10. Sew gath­er­ing stitches around the edge of each pur­ple dot cir­cle and place a but­ton, bat­ting side down, in the cen­ter of the wrong side of each one. Pull the threads to gather the fab­ric around the but­ton; knot and clip the thread.

11. Cen­ter a but­ton in­side each quilted eye cir­cle on the bag front and stitch in place us­ing black pearl cot­ton, stitch­ing through the holes in the but­ton in an X pat­tern and through the bag front and front lin­ing to fin­ish. QW

Franken­stein Place­ment Di­a­gram 12" x 12", ex­clud­ing han­dle and ears

Fig­ure 8

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