Color Wakes Up

This lovely quilt-as-you-go Bargello wall hang­ing has a touch of ap­pliqué to re­ally make it pop.


Bargello piec­ing at its best.


• 1/ 8 yard mul­ti­col­ored squares on black (fab­ric 6)* • 1/ 8 yard red leaf print (fab­ric 8)* • 1/ 8 yard large flo­ral on black (fab­ric 9)* • 1/ 8 yard white squares/dots on black (fab­ric 3)* • 1/4 yard white-with-black dots and squares (fab­ric 10)* • 1/4 yard black cir­cles on white (fab­ric 11)* • 1/4 yard swirling dots on white (fab­ric 1)* • 1/4 yard black discs (fab­ric 2)* • 1/ 3 yard black cir­cle tonal (fab­ric 5)* • 5/ 8 yard white tonal squares and dots (fab­ric 12)* • 3/4 yard white flo­ral (fab­ric 7)* • 1 yard red-with-black swirling dots

(fab­ric 4)* • 2" grid­ded flan­nel 32" x 51"* • Back­ing 32" x 51" • Bat­ting 32" x 51"* • Thread • Bast­ing spray (op­tional) • Ma­chine walk­ing foot • 1/2 yard fusible web • Ba­sic sewing tools and sup­plies *Any­thing Goes fab­ric col­lec­tion by Ann Lauer for Benartex; Hobbs Ther­more® bat­ting; Cre­ative Grid 54" fab­ric by May­wood Stu­dio used to make the sam­ple.


Cut a small swatch of each fab­ric left af­ter straight­en­ing edge be­fore cut­ting strips. Glue the fab­ric swatches to a piece of pa­per and num­ber to keep each one ac­cu­rately la­beled for piec­ing. From mul­ti­col­ored squares on black: • Cut 1 (21/2" by fab­ric width) strip for fab­ric 6. From red leaf print: • Cut 1 (21/2" by fab­ric width) strip for fab­ric 8. From large flo­ral on black: • Cut 1 (21/2" by fab­ric width) strip for fab­ric 9. From white squares/dots on black: • Cut 1 (21/2" by fab­ric width) strip for fab­ric 3. From white-with-black dots & squares: • Cut 2 (21/2" by fab­ric width) strips for fab­ric 10. From black cir­cles on white: • Cut 2 (21/2" by fab­ric width) strips for fab­ric 11. From swirling dots on white: • Cut 2 (21/2" by fab­ric width) strips for fab­ric 1. From black discs: • Cut 2 (21/2" by fab­ric width) strips for fab­ric 2. From black cir­cle tonal: • Cut 1 (21/2" by fab­ric width) strip for fab­ric 5. • Cut 4 (1" by fab­ric

width) A/B strips. From white tonal squares & dots: • Cut 6 (21/2" by fab­ric width) strips for fab­ric 12. From white flo­ral: • Cut 1 (21/2" by fab­ric width) strip for fab­ric 7. • Cut ap­pliqué mo­tifs as per in­struc­tions. From red-with-black swirling dots: • Cut 1 (21/2" by fab­ric width) strip for fab­ric 4. • Cut 4 (21/2" by fab­ric width) C/D strips. • Cut 5 (21/4" by fab­ric width) bind­ing strips.


1. Join 21 (21/2"-wide) strips with right sides to­gether along length to make a strip set, us­ing the fab­ric num­ber or­der shown in Fig­ure 1 and re­fer­ring to Pre­vent­ing Bow­ing in Strip Sets on page 31. Cut in half to make two strip sets.

2. Join the top and bot­tom strips of one strip set to make a tube as shown in Fig­ure 2. Re­peat with the sec­ond strip set to make a sec­ond tube. Press the join­ing seams in the same di­rec­tion as the other seams in the tube.

3. La­bel one tube the Odd Tube. All odd­num­bered seg­ments will be cut from this tube. La­bel the re­main­ing tube the Even Tube. All even-num­bered seg­ments will be cut from this tube.

4. Lay the Odd Tube on the cut­ting mat wrong side out, align­ing all seam al­lowances. Us­ing the ver­ti­cal lines on the mat as a guide, trim the left edge of the tube per­pen­dic­u­lar to the seams to straighten edge.

5. Cut the 2"-wide seg­ment 1 from the Odd Tube; re­move seam be­tween strips 21 and 1 as shown in Fig­ure 3.

6. Con­tinue cut­ting seg­ments from the Odd Tube and Even Tube and re­mov­ing seams be­tween strips re­fer­ring to the Seg­ment Cut­ting & Seam Sep­a­ra­tion Chart be­low.


1. Re­fer to Mak­ing a Grid be­low to mark the bat­ting if not us­ing grid­ded flan­nel.

2. Place the back­ing right side down with the bat­ting and then the grid­ded flan­nel on top. Note: If the grid is too dark and may show through the white fab­rics, place the grid­ded flan­nel with the grid side fac­ing the bat­ting. Be sure that you will still be able to see the grid lines.

3. Po­si­tion the grid so that a hor­i­zon­tal line is even with the top of the back­ing and bat­ting, and a ver­ti­cal line is even with the left edge.

4. Se­cure the lay­ers with safety pins on the grid/bat­ting side or use bast­ing spray. Re­move pins as you sew.

5. Fit your ma­chine with a walk­ing foot. 6. Lay seg­ment 1 (with fab­ric 1 at the top) on the grid 4" in from the left ver­ti­cal grid line and 4" down from the top hor­i­zon­tal line as shown in Fig­ure 4; pin to hold. Ma­chine-baste 1/8" from the left edge.

7. Lay seg­ment 2 right sides to­gether with seg­ment 1, match­ing seams as shown in Fig­ure 5; pin at each seam. Stitch along the pinned edge, re­mov­ing pins as you sew. Gen­tly press seg­ment 2 to the right side.

8. Re­fer­ring to Fig­ure 6, con­tinue adding seg­ments in nu­mer­i­cal or­der, check­ing of­ten that the seg­ments align with the grid lines to keep the de­sign straight. Make slight ad­just­ments on the wider strips as nec­es­sary if any bow­ing oc­curs.

9. Ma­chine-baste 1/8" from the right edge of the last seg­ment to se­cure.

10. Join the A/B strips on the short ends to make one long strip. Mea­sure the quilt top ver­ti­cally and cut two strips to that mea­sure­ment for A. Sew A strips to the long sides; press. Mea­sure the quilt top hor­i­zon­tally and cut two B strips; sew to the top and bot­tom of the pieced cen­ter; press.

11. Re­peat step 10 with the C/D strips to com­plete the quilt top. Trim ex­cess grid, bat­ting and back­ing edges even with the C and D strips.

12. Bind edges re­fer­ring to Quilt­ing Ba­sics on page 94.


1. Se­lect leaf and flower mo­tifs from the white flo­ral. Ap­ply fusible web to the wrong side of the fab­ric be­hind the mo­tifs.

2. Re­fer to Raw-Edge Fusible Ap­pliqué on page 30 to cut out and ap­ply the mo­tifs to the back­ground and fin­ish the edges of the mo­tifs to com­plete the wall hang­ing.

Kit Avail­able for Color Wakes Up for $50 postage paid. Back­ing may be in­cluded for an ad­di­tional $14, postage paid. Or­der from www.Griz­ or Griz­zly Gulch Gallery, 4974 Prospec­tor Gulch, Helena, MT 59601, (406) 443-2694.

SPEC­I­FI­CA­TIONS Skill Level: In­ter­me­di­ate Wall Hang­ing Size: 281/4" x 47"

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