Pre­vent­ing Bow­ing in Strip Sets

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To help keep strip sets from bow­ing, sew a set of two fab­ric-width strips to­gether along length plac­ing strip 2 on top of strip 1 and sewing with strip 2 on top. Re­peat with all strips to make 10 pairs, adding strip 21 to the last pair of strips. Al­ways lay the even­num­bered strip on top of the odd­num­bered strip as you sew.

Join the pairs to make sets of four, again sewing with the even­num­bered strip on the top—place pair 1/2 on top of pair 3/4 and sew with strip 2 on top of strip 3.

As you sew the pairs and then the sets of four, keep the strips even at one end. Do not pull the strips as you sew.

Af­ter all strips are joined to make a large pieced unit, place the strip set on a cut­ting mat with the seam side fac­ing up.

Mea­sure the width of the strip set from the straight side and cut in half, top to bot­tom, to yield two equal strip sets ap­prox­i­mately 20" wide.

Press seams in one strip set to­ward fab­ric 1 and press seams in the other strip set away from fab­ric 1.

Note: When press­ing, press first from the back and then on the front. Be care­ful not to press in any pleats.

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