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Ev­ery cam­per needs at least one of th­ese great themed pot hold­ers.

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Make a pot holder for a cam­per.


• Scraps aqua dot and check, co­ral print, pink tonal, light and medium tan solids, medium gray solid and dark gray tonal • 3/ 8 yard light tan tonal • 7/ 8 yard tan dot • 101/2" x 301/2" rec­tan­gle nee­dle-punched in­su­lated bat­ting • 101/2" x 301/2" rec­tan­gle cot­ton bat­ting • 2 (81/2") squares cot­ton bat­ting • Thread • Tem­plate ma­te­rial • Dark gray but­tons: 2( 15/ 16" di­am­e­ter) 2( 7/ 16" di­am­e­ter) 2( 11/ 16" di­am­e­ter) • 1/2 yard 18"-wide fusible web • Ba­sic sew­ing tools and sup­plies


Pre­pare pieces for fusible ap­pliqué us­ing the full-size motif given and re­fer­ring to Raw-Edge Fusible Ap­pliqué on page 14. From light tan tonal: • Cut 1 (81/2" by fab­ric width) strip.

Sub­cut strip into 4 (81/2") A squares. From tan dot: • Cut 1 (81/2" by fab­ric width) strip.

Sub­cut strip into 1 (81/2" x 281/2") B strip. • Cut 1 (101/2" by fab­ric width) strip. Sub­cut strip into 1 (101/2" x 301/2") back­ing rec­tan­gle and 2 (21/4" x 81/2") pocket bind­ing strips. • Cut 3 (21/2" by fab­ric width) bind­ing strips.


1. Com­plete two Cam­per blocks us­ing pre­pared pieces and two A squares re­fer­ring to Raw-Edge Fusible Ap­pliqué on page 14. Note: The cam­per motif sets on top of the axle and does not over­lap. The top half of the cam­per over­laps the bot­tom half as marked on pat­tern. 2. Baste one 8½" bat­ting square to the wrong side of each Cam­per block. 3. Us­ing a ma­chine blan­ket stitch, stitch edges of each fused shape us­ing match­ing thread.


1. Pin the re­main­ing two A squares to the back of each Cam­per block with wrong sides to­gether. 2. Quilt around the ap­pliquéd shapes by hand or ma­chine. 3. Us­ing dark gray thread, quilt a line from the cam­per to the flag, stitch­ing twice to make a bolder line. Dou­blestitch a short line above and below the axle for the hitch. 4. Sew a 7⁄16" but­ton to each door for a door­knob. 5. Sew a 15⁄16" but­ton to the cen­ter of each tire. 6. Sew an 11⁄16" but­ton to the top of each quilted hitch line.

I make a lot of pot hold­ers, and I love them be­cause they are such a fun way to in­sert a lit­tle per­son­al­ity into the home—plus, ev­ery­one needs them!” —Chris Malone

7. Fold each pocket bind­ing strip in half with wrong sides to­gether along length to make a dou­ble layer. Stitch a folded strip to the top edge of each quilted cam­per block as shown in Fig­ure 1; press.

8. Fold the stitched strip up and over to the back side to en­close the seam; press and hand-stitch to hold in place as shown in Fig­ure 2.

9. Place the back­ing rec­tan­gle right side down and place the in­su­lated bat­ting rec­tan­gle on top; place the cot­ton bat­ting rec­tan­gle on top.

10. Cen­ter and pin or baste the B strip right side up on the lay­ered rec­tan­gle as shown in Fig­ure 3.

11. Quilt a 2" grid over the B piece as shown in Fig­ure 4. Re­move pins or bast­ing.

12. Trim all edges even with the B strip. 13. Place a quilted Cam­per block on each end of the quilted B strip with bound edge to­ward the in­side to form pock­ets as shown in Fig­ure 5; baste outer edges in place to se­cure.

14. Pre­pare bind­ing and bind edges re­fer­ring to Quilt­ing Ba­sics on page 94. QW

Cam­per 8" x 8" Fin­ished Block Make 2

Home Is Where the Cam­per Is Place­ment Di­a­gram 28" x 8"

Fig­ure 4

Fig­ure 5

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