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Back­stitch at the be­gin­ning and end of the seams.

1. Ar­range the pre­pared cir­cles in four rows of four cir­cles each, al­ter­nat­ing back col­ors and mak­ing cer­tain that the slashed side of each cir­cle is next to an­other cir­cle.

2. Place one each yel­low and blue cir­cle to­gether with A sides fac­ing out. Match drawn lines and pin.

3. Stitch on the drawn line next to open­ing, join­ing two cir­cles as shown in Fig­ure 5; press open, fold­ing blue and yel­low edges flat on top of A.

4. Con­tinue join­ing cir­cles, al­ter­nat­ing the B fab­rics, and press­ing folded edges flat to form a row with four cir­cles as shown in Fig­ure 6.

5. Re­peat steps 2–4 to com­plete a to­tal of four rows.

6. Place two rows to­gether with A fab­ric fac­ing out and match­ing seams and drawn lines; pin. Stitch rows to­gether be­ing care­ful not to sew over the pre­vi­ously folded edges. Press folded edges flat.

7. Re­peat step 6 to add the the re­main­ing rows to com­plete piec­ing. Re­move re­main­ing marked lines.

8. Re-press all folded edges flat. 9. Stitch folded curves down 1/8" from the outer edges as shown in Fig­ure 7. 10. Top­stitch 1/8" around the outer edges as shown in Fig­ure 8.

11. Sew a but­ton to the in­ter­sec­tion of the B pieces as shown in Fig­ure 9 to fin­ish, if de­sired.

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