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1. Sew an E strip to one 20" edge of each D rec­tan­gle to make two D-E units re­fer­ring to Fig­ure 2; press.

2. Fuse a 20" square of fusible foam to the wrong side of each D-E unit re­fer­ring to the man­u­fac­turer’s in­struc­tions. Ma­chine-baste around edges to se­cure.

3. Place each block right sides to­gether with an L square. Sew all around leav­ing a 3" open­ing on bot­tom edge.

4. Trim cor­ners, turn right side out and then turn the open­ing seam al­lowance to the in­side; press edges smooth to com­plete the large pock­ets.

5. Cen­ter a large pocket on each D-E unit; stitch side and bot­tom edges to the D-E unit, leav­ing the top edge open as shown in Fig­ure 3.

6. Fold each G in­ner pocket rec­tan­gle in half along length with right sides to­gether.

7. Stitch on the 20" edge, leav­ing ends open; turn right side out and press with seam at the bot­tom.

8. Mea­sure and mark a line 4" up from the bot­tom edge of one H lin­ing square; pin the bot­tom edge of the G pocket along the marked line. Stitch in place along the pinned edge and baste in place at each end as shown in Fig­ure 4. Re­peat with the sec­ond G pocket rec­tan­gle and the re­main­ing H lin­ing square.

9. Mea­sure in 6" from each end and mark a straight line from the top to the bot­tom of each G pocket, re­fer­ring to Fig­ure 5; stitch on the marked lines to create pocket sec­tions.

10. Place the two H lin­ing pieces right sides to­gether and stitch the sides and across the bot­tom, leav­ing a 4" open­ing on the bot­tom edge; clip cor­ners, turn right side out and press seam edges flat.

11. Join the two D-E units on one D-E edge; press.

12. Fold the K strip in half along length with wrong sides to­gether; press to com­plete the K flange strip.

13. Pin the K flange strip to the E edge of the D-E unit, match­ing raw edges; stitch to hold in place as shown in Fig­ure 6.

14. Fold the F pocket rec­tan­gle in half with right sides to­gether to make a 41/2" x 61/4" rec­tan­gle. Stitch around open edges, leav­ing a 3" open­ing on one side edge as shown in Fig­ure 7; clip cor­ners and turn right side out through the open­ing. Press flat with open­ing edges to the in­side.

15. Cen­ter and pin the pre­pared F pocket on the seam of the D-E unit 51/2" down from the top E edge as shown

in Fig­ure 8. Top­stitch side and bot­tom edges to se­cure the F pocket in place, again re­fer­ring to Fig­ure 8.

16. Fold the stitched D-E unit right sides to­gether and stitch the re­main­ing side and bot­tom seams to com­plete the outer shell as shown in Fig­ure 9.

17. Cen­ter and fuse a 1" x 25" fusible­foam strip to each J han­dle strip. Fold the sides of the J strip over onto the foam strip as shown in Fig­ure 10; press.

18. Press the edges of each I strip to the cen­ter of the wrong side to make 1"-wide strips; press.

19. Layer a J/foam and I strip with wrong sides to­gether; stitch 1/4" in from each long edge to com­plete one han­dle strip as shown in Fig­ure 11. Re­peat to make a sec­ond han­dle strip.

20. Mea­sure in 4" from each side seam on the top edge of the front and back of the outer shell and mark with pins as shown in Fig­ure 12.

21. Pin a han­dle strip right sides to­gether on one side of tote with outer edges aligned with the pins; ma­chine-baste to hold in place as shown in Fig­ure 13. Re­peat with the sec­ond han­dle strip on the op­po­site side of tote.

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