Mas­sive Oil-filled Shocks


Losi doesn’t fool around in the shock depart­ment, and specs alu­minum dampers with cav­ernous 26mm bores—that’s over an inch in di­am­e­ter. This shock uses emul­sion for oil com­pen­sa­tion and large twist collars are used to set the buggy’s ride height. The pis­tons are se­cured to the shafts with nuts, and rub­ber boots keep the shafts from be­ing dam­aged by de­bris. The two-piece cap con­sists of a molded plas­tic mount and an alu­minum ring that se­cures it to the body. Losi gives you two mount­ing holes on the front and rear shock tow­ers, while the arms only have one.

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