The 4-Tec 2.0 Ford GT, Mus­tang GT, and “body not in­cluded” chas­sis kits share the vast ma­jor­ity of their parts, mi­nus the power sys­tems. Here’s where the VXL model di­verts from the Ti­tan 550-pow­ered cars:

Vxl-rated Rub­ber

The Re­sponse tire-and-split-spoke wheel de­sign is the same for all 4-Tec mod­els, and the black-chrome hoops have spe­cific widths and off­sets for front and rear mount­ing. Tire con­struc­tion dif­fers, how­ever, with “Vxl-rated” glue and ex­tra tread thick­ness for longer wear.

Ad­justable Body Posts

The brushed and brush­less 4-Tec chas­sis kits both ar­rive with Traxxas’ height- and widthad­justable body posts in­stalled, so you can fit just about any sedan body you like. And if you want to in­stall the Traxxas Ford GT body, you’ll find the fixed-width body posts re­quired in the chas­sis kit’s parts and ac­ces­sories bag.

Steel Turn­buck­les

Brushed-power 4-Tecs get fixed-length plas­tic links for cam­ber and steer­ing, which are fine be­cause Traxxas got the ge­om­e­try right. But if you want to do some tweakin,’ Traxxas has you cov­ered with steel turn­buck­les to set toe-in and cam­ber. We won’t be sur­prised if an­odized alu­minum ver­sions turn up as ac­ces­sory items soon.

Blue-an­odized Servo Saver

Would you be­lieve us if we told you an­odiz­ing the servo-saver blue boosts speed by 30mph? Wrong. But it does look cool, and mount­ing it on the servo in­stead of the bell­cranks sure makes it a lot eas­ier to ac­cess.

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