Duratrax Onyx 4000mah 2S Lipo


You’ll need to add a bat­tery to get the M10DB into ac­tion. We went Lipo with a 4000mah Duratrax pack, which is hard­cased for dura­bil­ity and in­ex­pen­sive at un­der $30. One hitch: Duratrax doesn’t of­fer the pack with an XT60 con­nec­tor as re­quired by the M10DB, but since Carisma in­cludes an ex­tra pair of XT60 plugs with the car, we were able to con­vert the pack with­out an ex­tra trip to the hobby store.

If you pre­fer short-course styling, Carisma of­fers the M10SC. It’s built on the same plat­form as the M10DB and has the same elec­tron­ics, wrapped up with an Sc-fla­vored body, wheel, and tire combo.

The M10DB’S 2.4GHZ ra­dio sys­tem is no-frills, but it does in­clude ad­justable steer­ing rate and works just fine. Carisma in­cludes four AAS to power it up.

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