Check Your Equip­ment


Glow starter.

Be­fore you do any­thing, make sure you have a freshly charged glow starter, and if your glow starter uses a non­recharge­able bat­tery, en­sure that a fresh one is in­stalled. Check the glow starter by tak­ing a new glow plug and stick­ing it into the end of the starter to make sure it glows. If your car has an electric starter, en­sure that you have a freshly charged bat­tery pack to run it. The pack has to have enough power to turn the en­gine over quickly. If you have the Traxxas sys­tem, the same pack is used to heat the glow plug.

Glow plug.

If your en­gine was run­ning when you shut it down, then chances are that your glow plug is good to go. When in doubt, re­move the glow plug and check it us­ing your glow starter. If it doesn’t glow brightly, re­place it.


If you’ve got fuel that’s been sit­ting a while, give it a good shake to remix the oil, nitro­meth­ane, and methanol. If the fuel ap­pears to have thick­ened or is oth­er­wise weird, skip it and get a jug of fresh fuel. The same goes for fuel left over in your car’s tank. If it’s been sit­ting a long time, drain the tank and re­fill with fresh fuel.

Place your ve­hi­cle on a block, stand, or starter box for eas­ier start­ing and tun­ing. Once you get the en­gine fired, make sure you blip the throt­tle to clear out the carb and com­bus­tion cham­ber and get some heat in the en­gine.

Make sure your glow plug and glow starter are both func­tion­ing prop­erly.

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