Mount­ing a Painted Body


If you’re start­ing off with a body that has al­ready been painted, mount­ing it will re­quire a dif­fer­ent tech­nique. Start with the same steps as men­tioned in this ar­ti­cle, but when it comes to ac­tu­ally mount­ing the body, you’ll want to first place a small dab of grease on the top of the body posts. Hold the body above the chas­sis and align it the best you can from front to back and left to right. Once you have the posi­ton right, lower it down on to the body posts. When you pull it back off make sure you lift straight up so you don’t smudge the grease. The dots left by the grease will show you where to ream your holes.

This way of mount­ing is slightly harder, be­cause you have to make sure you nail the align­ment be­fore you touch the body to the posts. The good news is that you can check the lo­ca­tions of the grease points and ad­just if nec­es­sary be­fore ream­ing your holes. The side-to-side spac­ing is eas­ier to fig­ure out then the front-to-back be­cause you can sim­ply mea­sure off of the lines of the body to get it right. You can check the front-to-back spac­ing by flip­ping the body up­side down, hold­ing it against the side of the truck, and lin­ing up the body posts by eye.

A lit­tle dab of grease is all you need to lo­cate the body post on the bot­tom of a painted body.

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