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Make no mis­take—i can pro­gram the heck out of a charger. Cell type, volt­age cut­off, delta peak, charge rate, safety timer, tem­per­a­ture cut­off…no wor­ries, I know all about it. It’s not ex­actly fun to know about or to fuss with, but sure, I can do it. I’d just rather not deal with it. And so, I am a big fan of Traxxas’ Ez-peak id charger lineup. All of the id charg­ers have the same es­sen­tial fea­ture: when used with Traxxas id bat­ter­ies, the charger rec­og­nizes the bat­tery’s chem­istry, cell count, and ca­pac­ity, and sets it­self ac­cord­ingly. Traxxas of­fers a Dual id charger that can juice up two packs at once, and the Live id charger, which con­nects via Blue­tooth to the free Ez-peak Live app. But there hasn’t been a dual charger with the Live ca­pa­bil­ity un­til now. Nor has there been an id charger so pow­er­ful; the Ez-peak Live Dual id will charge at up to 16 amps per charg­ing port (aka “chan­nel”), or 26 amps to­tal for both chan­nels com­bined. If you’ve got an X-maxx, E-revo, E-maxx, Un­lim­ited Desert Racer, or other dual-bat­tery rig, this charger is par­tic­u­larly at­trac­tive. To charge id bat­ter­ies, the app is not re­quired; just plug the pack in and the charger will set the bat­tery type and de­fault to Bal­ance charge. Hit the Start/stop but­ton to be­gin charg­ing, or se­lect Fast mode (speeds up charg­ing but may not get you to 100% ca­pac­ity) or Store mode (which will charge or dis­charge the pack to 50% ca­pac­ity for stor­age). LEDS light to show charge sta­tus, un­til the fi­nal green LED glows and the charger beeps to show the pack is fully charged.

When you add the app, you can mon­i­tor charge progress more closely. Es­ti­mated charge time in min­utes is dis­played as well as a per­cent­age, along with a graphic that “fills” to show charge progress and ca­pac­ity in mil­liamp hours. “Charge Info” shows the cur­rent flow­ing into the pack, to­tal volt­age, and in­di­vid­ual cell volt­ages if you’re charg­ing a Lipo. “Bat­tery Info” shows chem­istry, charg­ing mode, ca­pac­ity, C-rat­ing, and even the bat­tery’s item num­ber—pretty trick.

The app can also be used to set charge rate and mode when you touch “Enter Set­tings.” When­ever you’re on the Home screen, the cen­ter of the dis­play shows an im­age of the charger and mir­rors it what­ever the charger is do­ing in terms of LEDS light­ing and blink­ing is also shown in the im­age. Be­neath it, ar­rows show which charg­ing port’s data is be­ing dis­played. Just touch the ar­row that points to the port you want to see.


All of the Traxxas id charg­ers can charge any brand of bat­tery as long as it has a Traxxas plug; you’ll just need to pro­gram the charger man­u­ally (and plug the pack’s bal­ance plug into the charger, if it’s a Lipo). For the Live Dual, you’ll need to use the app to in­put the bat­tery type and ca­pac­ity.

Pow­er­ful 16-amp max charge rateIdeal for X-maxx own­ersPow­er­ful appEasy to use with­out the app The Ez-peak Live Dual id can charge any com­bi­na­tion of id packs si­mul­ta­ne­ously, and sets it­self for each pack as soon as you plug each one in. Most pow­er­ful Traxxas charger = most ex­pen­sive Traxxas charger + + + + -

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