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The shields on your bear­ings do a good job of keep­ing most de­bris out of the bear­ings, but they also do a good job of slow­ing down the bear­ings slightly due to fric­tion be­tween the shield and the in­ner and outer race of the bear­ing. Re­mov­ing one or both of the shields can re­duce fric­tion and let your bear­ings move more freely. Shields should only be re­moved from the side of the bear­ing that isn’t ex­posed. For ex­am­ple, a bear­ing in a hub should have the shield that will be in­side the hub re­moved. If a bear­ing is com­pletely cov­ered, like the bear­ings on an idler shaft, you can re­move both shields.

Re­mov­ing one or both of the shields from your bear­ings is go­ing to al­low them to spin more freely.

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