Track Day Carry

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It’s al­ways in­ter­est­ing to see what tools and other gear that fel­low hob­by­ists use at the track or at home. In our pre­mier edi­tion of Track Day Carry (TDC), we check out se­lect items that Lau­ren Short, the owner of the RC10B74 seen on the cover of this is­sue, car­ries to the track. Per­haps you will no­tice some of the same items that you de­pend on or per­haps you’ll see some new-to-you items that will pique your in­ter­est. Let’s take a look.

1. Husky Con­nect 22” Can­tilever Por­ta­ble Tool Box MSRP: $30 home­de­ 2. Bit­ty­de­sign Car Stand 1/8 Buggy & Truggy MSRP: $24 bit­ty­de­ amain­hob­ 3. UY Chan Up­graded Orig­i­nal TS100 Digital Solder­ing Iron MSRP: $68 ama­ 4. Turnigy Reak­tor 20A Charger MSRP: $64 (newer ver.) hob­ 5. Losi Cam­ber Gauge MSRP: $15 6. 110% Rac­ing Ride Height Gauge MSRP: $10 7. HUDY Bear­ing Check Tool MSRP: $27.50 amain­hob­ 8. Dona­then Rac­ing Prod­ucts Cus­tom Charge Leads MSRP: $35 do­na­

9. Jcon­cepts Rub­ber Parts Tray MSRP: $16 jcon­ 10. DE Rac­ing 1/10 Of­froad Setup Sys­tem MSRP: $37 amain­hob­ 11. Bosch 12V Max 3/8 In. Drill/driver (older model) 12. MIP Speed Tip Hex Driv­ers (2mm & 2.5mm) MSRP: $13.50 ea. mipon­ 13. SOTO Pocket Torch MSRP: $20 so­toout­ 14. Cres­cent 4 in. Nee­dle Nose Pliers MSRP: $15 (set of 2) home­de­ 15. Igarashi IPS Plas­tic Jaw Pliers (IP165) MSRP: $12 ama­ 16. Liq­uid Wrench Pen­e­trat­ing Oil MSRP: $6 liq­uid­ 17. Jcon­cepts Combo Thumb Wrench MSRP: $10 jcon­ 18. MIP Hex and Nut Driv­ers MSRP: start­ing at $15.75 mipon­

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