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Tekin’s lat­est crawler unit packs big features in a small pack­age

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Tekin’s Lat­est Crawler Unit Packs Big Features In A Small Pack­age

There’s a lit­tle ex­cite­ment in the air any­time a prod­uct from Tekin ar­rives for test­ing. They’ve al­ways been known for hav­ing high qual­ity and well run­ning equip­ment and when a new prod­uct is re­leased there’s usu­ally some­thing there that’s unique. This time around I was able to get my hands on the new Tekin BXR and this one is de­signed for trail trucks and crawlers. It’s small (1 x .93 inch) size makes it easy to mount in any ve­hi­cle, it’s el­e­ment proof, and this one comes with on-the-fly drag brake ad­just­ment. There’s a lot more to tell you about! Time to get the Tekin BXR in­stalled in my Ax­ial SCX10II and give it a spin.


The BXR has a very small 1x .93 inch foot­print which makes it easy to mount in pretty much any ve­hi­cle. The hous­ing it­self is an in­jec­tion molded piece and pro­trud­ing from the top are the mode and in­cre­ment but­tons that are used to pro­gram the speed con­trol along with the sol­der tabs for the wires. The wires needed to op­er­ate it exit the side of the hous­ing and they’re sur­rounded by a small rub­ber grom­met. The BXR is el­e­ment proof but ac­cord­ing to Tekin that means that it’s re­sis­tant to wa­ter splashes, it can­not be sub­merged. The set­tings and throw of the speed con­trol are dis­played on an LED strip on the top of the case. It’s de­signed for brushed mo­tors and can run up to a 20-turn when us­ing a 2S bat­tery or up to a 30 turn mo­tor when run­ning 3S. Mo­tor and bat­tery con­nec­tions are up to you but Tekin helps out with the in­stall by in­clud­ing some 14 gauge wire. Like other Tekin speed con­trols, the BXR can be up­dated and the set­tings can be tweaked when you use Tekin’s Hotwire app and pro­gram­mer.


Be­fore in­stalling the BXR in my Ax­ial SCX10II I took the time to in­stall the “must use” power ca­pac­i­tor. It’s not a hard piece to in­stall and you only have to do it one time but it’s in the way no mat­ter where it goes so you have to use cau­tion when work­ing around it. I had more than enough room to mount the speed con­trol in my SCX10II and get­ting the wires sol­dered up was a very easy job thanks to the easy to use sol­der tabs on top. Do­ing the ra­dio cal­i­bra­tion is also very sim­ple; hold the mode but­ton for 3 sec­onds, wait for a chime, pull full throt­tle and wait for a chime and push to full brake and af­ter the last chime, the speed con­trol is set and ready to go. It only took about five min­utes to get the BXR in­stalled and set up.

Four sol­der posts are used to con­nect the unit to the bat­tery and mo­tor and Tekin throws in some wire to help you get the job done.

The BXR’S small size makes it per­fect for any chas­sis out there. An in­jec­tion molded case pro­tects the com­po­nents in­side and makes the unit el­e­ment proof.

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