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I started my test­ing with the set­tings that come in­stalled in the speed con­trol and as ex­pected the BXR felt very smooth and worked as ad­ver­tised. Drag brake is set to 50% from the fac­tory and it worked well but I usu­ally like it to be in the 75% range. Be­fore ad­just­ing the drag brake through the ra­dio I set drag brake us­ing the Mode and In­cre­men­tal but­tons on the top of the speed con­trol be­cause the speed con­trol will go to that set­ting ev­ery time the speed con­trol is turned on. I spent a lot of time driv­ing my truck at my fa­vorite trail and the BXR per­formed flaw­lessly the en­tire

time. I ended up at some pretty big rocks and it’s an area where be­ing able to con­trol how fast or slow your truck de­scends some of the sec­tions is im­por­tant.

As I men­tioned, I like to have my drag brake set to about 75% which lets my truck roll just enough and that’s great for most ar­eas. Some­times how­ever, it would be nice to have the tires lock up or roll a lit­tle faster. Now with the abil­ity to ad­just drag brake through an ex­tra chan­nel on my ra­dio, I can fine tune the feel of the truck on the fly and in­crease its ca­pa­bil­ity on all sec­tions of the trail. A few flicks of the Aux but­ton on my ra­dio gave me full drag

brake when needed and push­ing it the other way turned it down. That’s a pretty nice fea­ture that worked well dur­ing my time on the trail and

I’m will­ing to bet that it would come in very handy dur­ing a comp. Even­tu­ally I turned on the ac­tive drag brake func­tion and turned up the drag brake to 100% and there was a night and day dif­fer­ence in the per­for­mance of my truck and I re­ally liked how it was work­ing. On de­scents I was able to go from 100% drag brake at neu­tral and roll onto the throt­tle with no jerky mo­tions at all ; there’s just a smooth as silk transition.

The con­nec­tor used to op­er­ate the drag brake from the ra­dio is in­stalled in an open chan­nel on the re­ceiver.

Tekin in­cludes dou­ble sided tape for speed con­trol and switch mount­ing.

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