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The July 4th new moon in Cancer

brings a happy bal­ance with the natal chart of the United States. This can make an as­trologer smile. When the U.S. was born on July 4, 1776, the sun was in Cancer, and this year the new moon falls on the same day, as well as in a 9 year (2+ 0 + 1 + 6). It’s the United States’ 240th birth­day, mak­ing this a sure in­di­ca­tion that new things are in store for the coun­try this year, in­clud­ing the elec­tion of a new pres­i­dent.

The July 19th full moon in Capri­corn

brings dis­rup­tion from the Uranus-in-Aries square. Since 2010 Uranus has been rather a bully, forc­ing us to move into new di­rec­tions, ready or not. This full moon brings in a dou­ble square—sun, moon, Uranus—indi­cat­ing a pushy and dis­turb­ing en­ergy that makes travel plans and/or com­plet­ing any­thing dif­fi­cult.

The Au­gust 2nd new moon in Leo

brings a time to push along or com­plete a project. This strength­en­ing en­ergy will get you back on track. There’s vi­tal­ized en­ergy to spare when you take to heart this ce­les­tial sig­nal that it’s cer­tainly time for new be­gin­nings. Know that what­ever you set aside last March, it’s time to pick it up and run with it again.

brings a new, ex­cit­ing en­ergy and fresh per­spec­tive. This full moon adds charm and mag­netism to your deal­ings with any­one, from your lover to your boss, to your banker!


July brings a chance to spend some time with your loved ones. Around the 5th a dream con­cern­ing hous­ing comes true with ei­ther a new home or re­do­ing your cur­rent one. What a great month for en­ter­tain­ing or to be out hav­ing fun. Be care­ful about money mat­ters at month’s end. This is­sue may not be re­solved quickly. Au­gust brings travel and spon­ta­neous events. You love to be in love, Aries, but love needs per­ma­nence and pre­dictabil­ity. Con­sider tak­ing your ro­mance to the next level.


In July you want to stay home, stay put and en­joy the com­pany of your fam­ily and loved ones. Fam­ily cook­outs and gath­er­ings with friends will keep you con­tent and com­fort­able. If you’re con­cerned about your busi­ness, or up for any kind of a re­view, you re­ally don’t have any­thing to worry about. En­joy your suc­cess. Au­gust is a month to re­mem­ber for all the right rea­sons. If you need to make a change in your cur­rent re­la­tion­ship, you may not be happy about it, but you see the need to do so. It may be time to say good­bye, but, re­mem­ber, you’re never alone for long.


July is the per­fect month for fam­ily out­ings and trips with the kids. You may hear some news about a new ar­rival. Recre­ation is at the very top of your pri­or­ity list, and maybe a bit of ro­mance, too. As for money, sta­bil­ity will be re­stored around the 20th or shortly there­after. If you’ve been mean­ing to visit with an older friend or the el­derly, take the time to do so in early Au­gust. If a friend comes to town mid-month, can­cel your plans and get to­gether with him or her. Any dis­putes or bat­tles about money will be over by month’s end.


July brings a time to kick back and en­joy. Just be sure to warn the kids that the hours you spend be­ing their per­sonal chauf­feur will be dras­ti­cally cut. Get out the grill. If a friend comes to you with a se­ri­ous re­la­tion­shipori­ented prob­lem, hugs will most def­i­nitely be in or­der. You are usu­ally very sup­port­ive. Au­gust brings more of the same. It’s time to en­joy life. Gen­er­ous Jupiter brings a time of happy con­ver­sa­tions with sib­lings, neigh­bors and your old­est son. You will be re­ceiv­ing some happy news at month’s end.


Al­though you worked very hard in June, Leo, July brings you a chance to get back to your nor­mally ac­tive so­cial life. The same ar­gu­ment about how you spend too much time away from the home­front could open up again. If they have a point, you want to put in some qual­ity time and all of your at­ten­tion. Ready for a pat on the back from a higher-up, Leo? One comes around mid-month, be­cause your ef­fort to “get some­thing right” pays off. Au­gust brings busi­ness, fun and play­time. Pre­pare to eas­ily con­vince any­one of just about any­thing. You seem tem­po­rar­ily en­dowed with a su­per­power. Please use this en­ergy only for the good.


As July opens, you may find that you’re ready to take on the lead­er­ship role of a group that’s cur­rently lead­er­less. Be­com­ing a den mother or fa­ther might be fun as well. Don’t al­low your­self to get into a skir­mish around the 11th, and count to 10 be­fore you speak. If you’re in the mar­ket for new hous­ing, you may find your dream spot around the 20th. You may not get much rest in Au­gust, but the ac­tiv­ity and events keep­ing you up will be just fine. If you’re into a craft or hobby, you could turn this into a full-size busi­ness.


July brings a bright fo­cus to you Li­bras in­volv­ing fun-lov­ing, ro­man­tic trysts. You’re at­trac­tive and dra­matic on ev­ery level, so it’s not hard to imag­ine you as the star of the show. If you do per­form, re­gard­less of where or for whom, you can count on it go­ing very well. Also, you can ex­pect to be the cen­ter of at­ten­tion for some­one sim­ply de­li­cious. Au­gust is time to make con­tact with an el­der fam­ily mem­ber who has been on your mind. That goes dou­ble for any­one who is go­ing through some rough times. You could have some money prob­lems mid-month, es­pe­cially if some­one close has been ig­nor­ing im­por­tant mat­ters. At this point, there’s only one thing to do: face the prob­lem head on, and you could find some er­rors that will wind up solv­ing mat­ters.


July prom­ises to be a won­der­ful month for you Scor­pios. This is a good time to do some gar­den­ing or fill up the pool for the kids. If sin­gle, you could meet a new sum­mer flame; if mar­ried, en­joy a fam­ily cook­out. You’ll like be­ing home, and you won’t be lonely, for sure. Au­gust puts you by the wa­ter, and you’ll feel refreshed and re­ju­ve­nated with those walks on the beach. Per­sonal fi­nances, how­ever, may present a bit of a pickle. Watch your im­pul­sive shop­ping at month’s end, and fo­cus on sav­ing.


Early in July your idea of fun will be hang­ing out at home with the ones you love. Your rul­ing planet, gen­er­ous Jupiter, has an ex­cel­lent month set up for you. The big J will pass out some lov­ing en­ergy for fi­nan­cial gains, and you’ll know you’re loved by your close fam­ily and friends. What could be bet­ter? Au­gust brings travel and ed­u­ca­tion, which are among your spe­cial­ties. Need­less to say, it won’t be dif­fi­cult to talk you into tak­ing a va­ca­tion, and Mars prom­ises to get you off to a great start. Time to work hard and show your stuff at month’s end.


July keeps you busy put­ter­ing around your nest with your sig­nif­i­cant other. This is a great time to gar­den or spruce up sec­tions of your home with a fresh coat of paint. If you’re sin­gle, pay at­ten­tion to any­one who strikes your fancy. You may not ac­tu­ally get to­gether un­til around the full moon on the 18th, but the an­tic­i­pa­tion makes things more ex­cit­ing, right? Au­gust brings a busy time and some ne w ex­pe­ri­ences. If you’re bored, give your­self a day off and go ex­plor­ing with a friend. If you’re try­ing to come up with a new busi­ness plan or a new way to earn your daily bread, now is the time. Luck is on your side.


Early July brings some fam­ily time, close­ness and fun. The week­end of July 8th will be de­light­ful, and you may even get a sur­prise about a brand-new fam­ily mem­ber. If you’ve been see­ing some­one and keep­ing it un­der wraps, now is the time for fam­ily and friend in­tro­duc­tions. This ro­mance could be the stuff long-last­ing re­la­tion­ships are made of. It’s also a time to make some good money. Just be care­ful of over­spend­ing and how you use your plas­tic. Au­gust brings a time of trav­el­ing with a group. This will be great fun, and you’re sure to have some ex­cit­ing new ex­pe­ri­ences. Yes, it’s time to so­cial­ize, min­gle and share with kin­dred spir­its. En­joy!


July is your kind of month, Pisces. So many plan­ets in wa­ter signs, so you’ll be com­fort­able ex­press­ing your feel­ings. Whether you’re sin­gle or at­tached, you can ex­pect lots of sweet ro­mance. The new moon on the 4th could bring along a new ro­mance or new ar­rival to the fam­ily. If you’re look­ing for a new high-ticket item, or putting down a de­posit for a dis­tant trip, rest as­sured a good time will be had by all. Au­gust is a time when you won’t feel like do­ing any­thing that re­motely feels like work, so why force your­self if you don’t have to? There may be an op­por­tu­nity to in­crease your in­come mid-month, and there’s a good chance you’ll love do­ing it. Could be a hobby, craft or work­ing with kids or an­i­mals. Ex­pect happy fi­nan­cial news from your part­ner or boss at month’s end.

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