Al­ter­na­tive stor­age so­lu­tions

How to keep your pos­ses­sions in place

SAIL - - Contents - By Dick Everitt

Adding an ad­justable chain to a locker door can help pre­vent the con­tents from tum­bling out.

B Slop­ing shelves and deep lock­ers are se­cure, while fid­dles on the door let you sort things out.

Deep-fit­ting hop­pers can be fit into awk­ward spa­ces around the hull. A ver­ti­cal lip at the back pre­vents them from open­ing too far, while a hor­i­zon­tal one helps to hold stuff in on the other tack.

D Draw­ers can be shaped to fit around pipes or to match hull sides. Di­vid­ing up the in­sides will hold the con­tents in place. Quite large “lift-up” stops are needed to keep draw­ers from “jump­ing” when in rough seas.

Slot­ted di­viders work well in lock­ers and draw­ers.

Ad­just peg boards to keep odd-sized things in place, and pad glass items with beer coozies for added pro­tec­tion.

G Cam-shaped pins ad­just more, while plas­tic pipe helps stop rat­tles.

H When locker con­tents fall against catches in bad weather, some catches might give way. A guard over the in­side of “fin­ger latches” can stop them from be­ing knocked open.

Sim­ple grav­ity tog­gles will pre­vent lock­ers from burst­ing open, while flip-over ones let you open the door with one hand. Hooks and eyes can be a quick fix.

Clear slid­ing doors don’t have to be opened to search for stuff. A rub­ber wedge serves to se­cure them when un­der­way and also helps pre­vent rat­tles.

Dick Everitt has sailed thou­sands of miles in var­i­ous parts of the world. He has been an il­lus­tra­tor, journalist and en­gi­neer for more than 40 years


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