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In re­sponse to our Twit­ter Poll in Feed­back, (Au­gust 2017): “Would you do­nate money to your fa­vorite sail­ing blogs?” Carol El­wood, of Dunedin, FL replied: “I be­gan fol­low­ing Lin and Larry Pardey in the ‘80s, buy­ing their books and read­ing their ar­ti­cles. So, es­sen­tially, I was sup­port­ing their abil­ity to con­tinue cruis­ing with­out ac­tu­ally send­ing them money. With the pop­u­lar­ity of YouTube blogs, it’s easy for peo­ple to ask for do­na­tions, and the sub­scribers that do­nate are clearly en­joy­ing the videos enough to want them to con­tinue. Some of these cruis­ers al­low peo­ple to come aboard as crew in ex­change for their pa­tron­age. I could see send­ing money for their sup­port. I have, how­ever, seen peo­ple with no ex­pe­ri­ence and a dis­as­ter of a boat ask­ing for do­na­tions to help them re­store their ves­sel so they can fol­low their dream, al­most like a Go Fund Me page, to which I would not con­trib­ute. So, my an­swer? Maybe.”


I wanted to add to your se­lec­tion of Fa­vorite Sail­ing Doc­u­men­taries,

Feed­back ( July 2017). Only about 40 min­utes long, Thurston Smith’s

Frost­biters is suc­cinct, but very ex­cit­ing and fun to watch. As a sailor on the north­east coast, our sum­mer is so short that win­ter sail­ing pro­vides a great op­por­tu­nity to sail with su­per­en­thu­si­as­tic, and, gen­er­ally, very good sailors in a friendly, if cold, set­ting. Dis­clo­sure: I’m in the movie, sail­ing with the Cape Cod “Frosties,” in Portsmouth, New Hamp­shire. — Peter Devlin, North An­dover, MA

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