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Yes, you should ad­just the tackline for dif­fer­ent points of sail and dif­fer­ent wind speeds. If you are on a reach, you want the luff of the sail to be fairly tight, so crank the tack all the way down to the sprit. This straight­ens out the luff and brings the draft of the sail for­ward, which is what you are look­ing for. As you bear away to­ward a run, how­ever, you want to be able to ro­tate the sail around to wind­ward to make sure it gets plenty of clean air. So ease off the tack and let the sail rise up a lit­tle. That said, if you are sail­ing deep down­wind in quite a lot of wind keep it cranked down. You want as much con­trol over the spin­naker as you can get, and tight­en­ing up the luff will help stop it from os­cil­lat­ing to a point where you could get into trouble.

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