Short-shank Rig

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Pri­mar­ily a skip­ping bait for dol­phin and tuna, this rig makes the hook less vis­i­ble and places it at the throat of the ballyhoo for in­creased ac­tion. The short-shank hook may also pro­vide less lever­age for fish to throw it. It’s also a good pitch-bait Lead­ers and

ally scaled down when rig­ging this way. Adding a skirt or small-

also goes a long way in en­hanc­ing the rig’s sleek­ness be­cause it fur­ther hides the hook.

Leader tag passes through both jaws Break off bill and bind jaws to leader with wire Scale down leader diameter Clip leader tag when fin­ished Wrap wire through eye socket Hook emerges near ballyhoo head Monel or cop­per wire

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