Div­ing Ballyhoo


Saltwater Sportsman - - Tactics + Tackle - Bran­don Mcglamery By Bran­don Mcglamery

This vari­ant makes the bait swim be­neath the sur­face. Add an egg sinker un­der the chin, split the bill with a knife, then pull the leader up through the split. Wrap the rig­ging wire around the base of the bill, then twice in front of the leader, and wrap back and fin­ish be­hind the leader. This cre­ates a div­ing lip, which with the chin weight, keeps the bait sub­sur­face.

Light and sim­ple to pre­pare, this dish comes to­gether quickly. For the hearts of palm slaw, it’s best to use a man­do­line, which shaves the veg­gies per­fectly with lit­tle ef­fort. Break out the blender for the gaz­pa­cho, then fin­ish up by grilling the yel­lowfin tuna and serv­ing it at it’s best: lightly seared on one side. And re­mem­ber, with this com­bi­na­tion of clas­sic fla­vors and tex­tures, less is more.

Clip leader tag when fin­ished Se­cure egg sinker with wire wrapped through eye socket Leader passes through split bill

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