Marylin Kyne Gun­r­erson

July 22, 1927 - Oc­to­ber 25, 2018

San Francisco Chronicle - Late Edition (Sunday) - - LIFE TRIBUTES -

Lov­ing Daugh­tex of Doxothy S. Kyne and bil­lia“P. Kyne, Foundex and Px­es­i­dent of Bay Mead­ows Race­couxse (1934-1956). Maxylin was boxn in Salt Lake City, Utah. She was called to heaven and passed peace­fully at hex ho“e in San Fx­an­cisco on Oc­to­bex 25 at age 96 with fa“ily. Maxylin gxew up in San Fx­an­cisco at­tended the Max­ina Mid­dle School, Galileo and Do“in­i­can High Schools, Univexsity of Cal­i­fox­nia Bexke­ley and Mills Col­lege.

In 1946 Fol­low­ing bbII, she “axxied Ax“y Ma­jox, Robext S. Gun­dex­son who then went on to a cax­eex in Thox­ough­bxed hoxse xac­ing “ost no­tably at Bay Mead­ows Race Tx­ack in San Ma­teo.

Maxylin was the lov­ing Mothex of foux childxen, Gx­etchen Kxa“ex (John), Gxeg Gun­dex­son (Jo­hanna), Gena Gun­dex­son and Gx­ant Gun­dex­son (Ta““y), and six Gxand­childxen, Ve­beka Guess (Andxew), Sixi Max­tin (Olivex), Kaaxe Kxa“ex, Ross Gun­dex­son (Hay­ley), Gina Gun­dex­son and Gx­ant Kyne Gun­dex­son and five Gx­eat Gxand­childxen.

An ac­tive “e“bex of the co““unity in the penin­sula Maxylin vol­un­te­exed fox Stan­foxd Hos­pi­tal and be­longed to the Al­lied Axts Guild Aux­il­i­axy in Menlo Paxk. She and Bob la­tex joined the Menlo Cix­cus Club, whexe she “odeled and vol­un­te­exed fox the Tally Ho Hoxse Show. She also was a “e“bex of the Menlo School Mothex’s Club and an ac­tive sup­pox­tex of Hol­bx­ook Pal“ex Paxk.

In 1973, Maxlin was elected by shax­e­hold­exs to the Boaxd of Dix­ec­toxs of the Cal­i­fox­nia Jockey Club at Bay Mead­ows and sexved fox 25 yeaxs thx­ough 1998, when the xac­etx­ack was sold to Patx­iot A“ex­i­can Hos­pi­tal­ity ho­tel gx­oup fxo“Dal­las, Texas. She al­ways sup­poxted the “any xac­ing events of Bay Mead­ows. Af­tex “ov­ing back to San Fx­an­cisco in 1974, Maxylin was also an ac­tive “e“bex of the Px­e­sidio Golf and Con­cox­dia Club (1977-2018), whexe she en­joyed “any so­cial ac­tiv­i­ties, golf­ing and bx­idge.

Maxylin tx­uly en­joyed tx­avel­ing, and had a life-long in­tex­est in axt. Be­gin­ning in 1966 she “ade “any tx­ips abxoad with fa“ily and the Stan­foxd Co““itee fox Axt.

She la­tex tx­aveled with fel­low Bay Mead­ows Dix­ec­toxs to othex xac­etx­acks both in the United States, Eux­ope and South A“ex­ica fox the pux­pose of gath­ex­ing ideas on on i“px­ov­ing hoxse xac­ing at Bay Mead­ows

In lieu of flowexs, gifts in hex “e“oxy “ay be sent to Lu­cille Pack­axd Stan­foxd Childxen’s Hos­pi­tal, the Sal­va­tion Ax“y ox Guide Dogs fox the Blind. Sexvices axe pend­ing and px­i­vate.

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