Big dis­cov­ery deep be­low

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1: What did sci­en­tists find 2 miles deep off Mon­terey?

A: Huge med­i­cal waste dump

B: Wreck of Span­ish galleon

C: Flocks of breed­ing oc­to­puses

2: San Fran­cisco has an em­bar­rass­ing en­vi­ron­men­tal spat on its hands. What is it?

A: Of­fi­cials want to can­cel re­cy­cling

B: More raw sewage to save money

C: River water di­ver­sion for city use

3: Trump se­cu­rity ad­viser John Bolton wants sanc­tions on what three coun­tries he calls the “troika of tyranny”? A: Rus­sia, China and North Korea

B: Su­dan, So­ma­lia and An­gola

C: Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua

4: Hun­dreds of Google work­ers walked off the job to protest what? A: Low salaries

B: Sex­ual mis­con­duct

C: Weapons re­search

5: How old was the pas­sen­ger jet that crashed in Indonesia, killing 189?

A: 20 years, way past the limit

B: 6 years, noth­ing spe­cial

C: Just two months from the fac­tory

6: San Fran­cisco is promis­ing free le­gal ad­vice to:

A: Car­a­van mi­grants headed to the border

B: Repub­li­cans who want to move away

C: Folks hop­ing to open cannabis shops

7: If you’re home­less in San Jose, the city will:

A: Pay you $15 per hour to pick up lit­ter B: Fund an Uber ride to S.F.

C: Pro­vide tent build­ing sup­plies

8: San Fran­cisco’s 19 park­ing garages are of­fer­ing what ser­vice?

A: Cheaper rates this hol­i­day sea­son

B: Es­cort to your car at night

C: Squeegee guy if you pay cash

9: What ve­hi­cle is Waymo pick­ing for its fleet of driver­less cars?

A: Prius sedan

B: The cheap Tesla

C: Chrysler mini­van

10: Reese’s is of­fer­ing to do what with left­over Hal­loween candy?

A: Penny a piece buy­back

B: Trade un­wanted stuff for Reese’s candy

C: Do­na­tion to lo­cal food bank

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