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HuHot - 693 N. 920 East Span­ish Fork Phone: (801) 798-5528

Serve Daily - - LIBERTY SHALL BE MAINTAINED - By Kaye Nel­son

Ralph Waldo Emer­son said, “Once you make a de­ci­sion, the uni­verse con­spires to make it hap­pen.” In the case of HuHot, the chefs con­spire to make your din­ner hap­pen.

Nor­mally I re­view items or­dered from a menu. Those dishes are cre­ated by the restau­rant and meet a stan­dard of pre­dictabil­ity in a good way, as in, you or­der it again be­cause you know it’s de­li­cious. Or some­one has rec­om­mended it to you.

At the HuHot, the dishes vary ev­ery time. And that’s where the ex­cite­ment be­gins.

Part of the fun is learn­ing how to HuHot so I won’t spill those beans. Your server will give you the run­down or you can fol­low the “How to HuHot” card.

Choices, choices, choices. Not a cala­mari fan? Don’t pick the squid. Beef lover? Lay it on. There are col­or­ful veg­gie and soft cooked noo­dle choices too.

You start at a menu board with 30 recipes that ro­tate from about 100, ac­cord­ing to Alex Cousineau, man­ager. You don’t have to pick a recipe – they are just there for guid­ance. Get your bowl and start choos­ing.

The sauce step is prob­a­bly the most im­por­tant be­cause your choices will de­ter­mine the fla­vor you end up with. Too spicy? Your fault. Try again the next go around. Per­fect? Great job! Re­mem­ber what you did.

“I like the depth of the black pep­per sauce,” said Ri­ley Nel­son. It’s one of many sauce choices, not too mild, not too spicy.

The cook­ing part is sheer min­utes of en­ter­tain­ment. The large flat grill ac­com­mo­dates many din­ners and the chefs keep or­ders straight, hand­ing out steaming bowls of hot de­li­cious­ness very quickly. How hot? HuHot!

“Watch­ing them cook it makes you an­tic­i­pate it more,” Rona Jur­gens said. Jera Parker agreed. “It’s part of the ex­pe­ri­ence,” she said. “You stand there sali­vat­ing, wait­ing for the end of the cook­ing process.” Af­ter try­ing her first com­bi­na­tion she hap­pily noted, “the fla­vors blend and burst all at once.” Rona eval­u­ated her first bowl. “I did the Thai peanut, gar­lic and gin­ger,” she said. “It’s very good. I need to do more mild though.”

That’s the beauty of HuHot. You learn what works for you, then go again for a new batch of food.

She was also im­pressed the chefs don’t over­cook items.

“I like how the veg­eta­bles come out crispy,” she com­mented. “And the as­para­gus is ten­der, not woody.”

We also ex­per­i­mented with noo­dle choices.

“The white Pad Thai noo­dles are very good,” Dave Parker noted. “And with the zuc­chini – I just love zuc­chini!”

Jim Jur­gens had no­ticed an en­tic­ing aroma as we en­tered the restau­rant.

“It smells so good,” he said. “And it’s clean and invit­ing.”

Our server told us she lives nearby and her hus­band loves liv­ing down­wind. It saves her mak­ing a lot of evening meals.

“If I lived near this it would be bad,” Jera said. “I’d be here all the time!”

Alex told us there are gluten free choices and if some­one is wor­ried about some­one else’s peanut sauce get­ting too close, the chefs take spe­cial care to clean the grill and block din­ers’ foods from touch­ing.

We all agreed this is a place for ev­ery­one – young, old, veg­e­tar­i­ans and meat eaters. Kids can pick their fa­vorite veg­eta­bles, even if they only like one or two. Veg­e­tar­i­ans would love skip­ping the meat counter and fix­at­ing on gar­den of­fer­ings. Meat lovers are in heaven with piles of beef, pork, chicken, cala­mari, salmon, sausage and more.

But keep in mind this ad­vice my friend Jim gave:

“Don’t be in a hurry, take small por­tions each time and don’t be afraid to ex­per­i­ment,” he coun­seled.

If you haven’t gorged your­self on din­ner, have a dessert like the tan­ta­liz­ing Khan’s Cake.

“It’s de­light­fully densely deca­dent,” Jim said. A nice end to a tasty, healthy, en­ter­tain­ing meal.

Kaye Nel­son, Restau­rant Re­viewer, grew up in Springville and is a true Red Devil. She knows good food and pays at­ten­tion when restau­rants en­tice cus­tomers with some­thing out of the or­di­nary.

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