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HELP! For Dys­func­tion­als

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Dear Mother­goose,

I’m just a kid ( I hope that’s okay) but there’s some­thing I need help with. I know what a ‘ nor­mal’ fam­ily is like and mine, well, is def­i­nitely not ‘ nor­mal’. I think they call it ‘ dys­func­tional’. I love my mom and dad and ev­ery­thing ( most of the time. Well, some of the time, any­way.) but some­body needs to tell them a few things about how to make a dys­func­tional fam­ily a good one any­way. Things have GOT to get bet­ter. Can you help?

Dear Love Your Mom and Dad,

Thank you for ask­ing! In a way, ev­ery fam­ily is dys­func­tional. Some par­ents yell, some kids are dis­re­spect­ful, some moms work and have to leave kids alone or with a sit­ter, some dads are dis­abled or out of work, some par­ents are so busy work­ing they for­get to be with the kids. There is some­thing go­ing on in ev­ery house you walk by. Any­one who tells you dif­fer­ent is sell­ing some­thing! But there are some things par­ents can do and some things kids can do to help make bad sit­u­a­tions bet­ter. They may seem too ob­vi­ous or too sim­ple to make a dif­fer­ence but try it out. See what hap­pens!

Par­ents can: 1. Be re­spect­ful of ev­ery­one, even if some­one has done some­thing ter­ri­ble or hurt­ful. 2. Time to­gether is cru­cial so, even with tough work sched­ules, make time for fam­ily and make the time with fam­ily worth it. 3. Re­la­tion­ships don’t just grow be­cause you live un­der the same roof. Make the peo­ple around you feel that they are im­por­tant to you, even when you are tired. 4. Share the load and the re­spon­si­bil­ity. If you teach chil­dren how to help out and ex­pect them to do it, even let them know you NEED their help, they will feel their im­por­tance and learn to like con­tribut­ing. 5. Say, “I’m sorry!” of­ten. 6. Give a lot of phys­i­cal at­ten­tion, even if you are not that used to it. Peo­ple need touch to thrive. 7. Pray for your fam­ily and oth­ers.

Kids can: A. See their par­ents as real peo­ple who are good at some things and not so good at oth­ers. B. Think of what you can do to help out. C. Make sure you take care of your own re­spon­si­bil­i­ties. D. If Mom and Dad don’t live to­gether, re­mem­ber the rules of where you are. E. Kids can think of oth­ers first and sur­prise Mom and Dad by be­ing a peace­maker. F. Don’t fight! G. Try to get enough sleep. H. Love peo­ple.

There are a lot of things both kids and par­ents can do to make ev­ery kind of fam­ily bet­ter. Things at home may not be ideal, but you do have a choice on how you con­trib­ute to the peace of the fam­ily. Build­ing up peo­ple will build the fam­ily. It will build up you! Thank you for be­ing brave enough to ask. Good luck!

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