Thoughts on Zion

The View in the 1850s

Serve Daily - - LIBERTY SHALL BE MAINTAINED - By Jesse Fisher

Read­ing dis­courses given by LDS lead­ers dur­ing the 1850s, one sees how con­sis­tent and cen­tral the theme of build­ing Zion was to the Church dur­ing that decade. Here’s a few rep­re­sen­ta­tive quotes from then:

1852: “Don’t men­tion Joseph Smith -- never men­tion the Book of Mor­mon or Zion, and all the peo­ple will fol­low you.” - Brigham Young

1853: “It now re­mains with us to bear off this king­dom, build up Zion, and es­tab­lish the law thereof, un­til Christ shall reign King of na­tions….” - Brigham Young

1854: They will then find out that the “Mor­mons” ... are au­tho­rized to preach the Gospel of God, gather Is­rael, build up Zion, bind Lu­cifer with a chain, and es­tab­lish the reign of peace on earth.

1855: “... how long will it take us to build up Zion, to em­i­grate peo­ple from the far off cor­ners of the earth, [if] they apo­s­ta­tize and run away when they get here?” - Apos­tle Amasa M. Lyman

1856: “...we shall have all the skill, and all the power, and all the wis­dom, and all the trea­sures, and all the means nec­es­sary to build up Zion, gather the peo­ple, redeem Is­rael, ful­fil the prom­ises, and build the holy tem­ples and cities of our God; redeem and bring about the restora­tion of the liv­ing, and ad­min­is­ter for the dead, and do all things nec­es­sary to ac­com­plish the pur­poses of God where unto we are called.“- Parly P. Pratt

1857: “we will go to work and la­bor with all our mights to build up the king­dom of our God, to carry out the pur­poses of the Lord, in the build­ing up of Zion, the es­tab­lish­ment of his king­dom, and restora­tion, and sal­va­tion of the house of Is­rael” - Wilford Woodruff

1858: “We have talked about re­deem­ing Zion, but the peo­ple are not yet right­eous enough to re­ceive and build up Zion in its pu­rity though they are grow­ing to it.” - Brigham Young

1859: “Let your whole soul— af­fec­tions, ac­tions, wishes, de­sires, ev­ery ef­fort and mo­tive, and ev­ery hour’s la­bor you per­form be with a sin­gle eye to the build­ing up the Zion of God on the earth.” - Brigham Young.

They seemed to have had an over- arch­ing view back then in re­gards to build­ing Zion, a goal ap­par­ently cen­tral to the Church’s mis­sion. Are we Saints, 156 years later, “grow­ing into it” yet? Dis­cuss this at Build­

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