Springville City Dis­as­ter Drill com­ing in Au­gust

Serve Daily - - LIBERTY SHALL BE MAINTAINED - By Martin Palmer

The Springville Pub­lic Safety Depart­ment in part­ner­ship with CERT and hun­dreds of Block Cap­tains and other emer­gency pre­pared­ness per­son­nel is plan­ning a city-wide drill that will test the city’s plan for han­dling emer­gen­cies.

So what do you do? It de­pends on who you are and how much you want to par­tici-pate. If you are a Neigh­bor­hood Block Cap­tain you will be walk­ing your block start­ing at 7:30 am and look­ing for red mark­ers placed in cer­tain lo­ca­tions by your Stake Emer­gency Pre­pared­ness Specialist. If you are CERT trained, or have med­i­cal skills, or you are a heavy equip­ment op­er­a­tor or build­ing con­trac­tor you may want to re­port to the near­est Stake Cen­ter to vol­un­teer to help with a sim­u­lated mass ca­su­alty ex­er­cise. Time to re­port is 8:30 am and the more the mer­rier. This part of the drill is planned to end by 11:00 am.

If you are none of the above you do noth­ing dur­ing this drill. How­ever, if this were a real emer­gency, you would be ex­pected to do the fol­low­ing.

1. Place a colored marker in a win­dow fac­ing the street in­di­cat­ing the con­di­tion of your fam­ily. RED in­di­cates you need help im­me­di­ately. Yel­low means you need help, but not im­me­di­ately, Green shows you are al­right, and Black in­di­cates there has been a death in your house­hold. This in­for­ma­tion can be quickly gath­ered by your Block Cap­tain as he/she walks past your home and then can be re­ported to the Ward (Zone) Emer­gency Cen­ter, which will be re­layed by ham ra­dio to the City Emer­gency Op­er­a­tions Cen­ter. City re­sources will be as­signed ac­cord­ing to the in­for­ma­tion passed up this chain. The use of LDS ward and stake bound­aries to de­ter­mine Zones and Sec­tors is for con­ve­nience only and does not im­ply only LDS mem­bers are to par­tic­i­pate.

2. Af­ter check­ing your own sta­tus and if you are able, you should check your neigh­bors to the right, to the left and across the street and then re­port any­thing that needs at­ten­tion to the Block Cap­tain or the Ward (Zone) Emer­gency Cen­ter.

The in­for­ma­tion gained from this drill will be in­valu­able in mak­ing the city emer­gency plan work in the case of a

real dis­as­ter. We hope those who par­tic­i­pate learn much and have a lot of fun, at the same time.

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