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Serve Daily - - LIBERTY SHALL BE MAINTAINED - By Kaye Nel­son

Kaye en­joyed a sam­pling of cool drinks/treats be­tween San­taquin and Springville.

You can or­der a cold drink any day of the year but you won’t en­joy it as much as when the sun beats down on bare arms and flip-flop clad feet. Why? Be­cause it re­freshes. And there are plenty of cool, re­fresh­ing drinks to be found from Springville to San­taquin.

Row­ley’s Red Barn in San­taquin: When you see people or­der­ing ice cream at 10:30 a.m. you know some­thing is up. The hard part wasn’t de­cid­ing to eat ice cream that early, it was de­cid­ing what fla­vor.

Be­sides ice cream Row­ley’s of­fers caramel ap­ples, cook­ies the size of small plates, turnovers, bagged candy, pop­corn and about 17 kinds of fudge.

We or­dered a co­conut soda with key lime ice cream. A taste of the trop­ics with a splash of cit­rus makes for a light, per­fect sum­mer drink.

We also had a Heath bar milk­shake. You can’t re­ally mess up a milk­shake – ice cream, milk, fruit or candy bars – how can you go wrong? The ques­tion more about milk­shakes is den­sity – are they straw wor­thy or spoon wor­thy? This Heath shake was spoon wor­thy with won­der­ful chunks of Heath bar in Row­ley’s home­made ice cream. At $4.49 it’s a bit on the high end but then you are pay­ing for that home­made touch.

Da­ley Freez in Payson: It’s been there since di­nosaurs roamed Utah and is one of those quin­tes­sen­tial stand-alone burger joints with a steady stream of cus­tomers. We had onion rings (not part of our mis­sion but we couldn’t re­sist and you shouldn’t ei­ther) and a rasp­berry milk­shake. This shake was also spoon wor­thy – fruity and creamy.

Glade’s in Span­ish Fork: Also here since the dawn of time, or 59 years, it is one of the great places for burg­ers and shakes in town. We tried a caramel choco­late shake and found it to be more straw wor­thy than spoon wor­thy. I’ve dis­cov­ered people have def­i­nite likes and dis­like about the thick­ness of milk­shakes. There re­ally are two camps and while I am in the spoon wor­thy camp, I can be flex­i­ble and en­joy one through a straw from time to time. Again, the hard­est part was choos­ing the fla­vor. You can blend two fla­vors at no ex­tra cost and mix­ing choco­late and caramel were heav­enly.

Rita’s in Span­ish Fork: If you haven’t gone to Rita’s yet, drop your cell phone and go now. We had a Ge­lati – a com­bi­na­tion of cus­tard and ice. We chose Mango ice that was sand­wiched be­tween lay­ers of cus­tard. As they melted to­gether it be­came this in­fu­sion of ad­dic­tive de­light­ful­ness. Af­ter all the tastes we’d had at other places (we were putting left­overs in a cooler af­ter each stop) we still nearly licked the cup clean. Prices range from $2.49 to $3.99.

Lit­tle Acorn in Span­ish Fork: I re­viewed Lit­tle Acorn last year. In fact, the shakes, spoon wor­thy in case you are keep­ing track, were the high­light of our meal. We were im­pressed with the size of the shakes. A small isn’t. It’s plenty and creeps over the top of the cup by at least an inch. And it’s only $2.89 – a real bar­gain!

SOS in Springville: Our de­lec­ta­ble rocky road shake was some­where be­tween spoon wor­thy and straw wor­thy. Pa­trons en­joy not only old time prices ($2.25 for a shake) but the am­biance of a real soda foun­tain. You can sit on vin­tage stools at the long counter. It’s a gath­er­ing place for an older gen­er­a­tion but kids are learn­ing how valu­able this great liv­ing piece of his­tory is in the heart of Springville. It’s been there since 1909 – now that’s stay­ing power!

Ven­ture out this sum­mer when you’re hot and thirsty and need to cool off. There are shave ice places all over the val­ley, usu­ally only here for a few months but also these and many other here-to-stay eater­ies with myr­iad fla­vors and over­the-top creamy good­ness.\

Kelvin Lyon en­joys a root­beer Ge­lati at Rita’s in Span­ish Fork.

Shakes at Row­ley’s Red Barn in San­taquin are made with home­made ice cream.

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