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Build­ing Zion Spir­i­tu­ally

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State­ments by LDS lead­ers in the 1860’s clar­ify the spir­i­tual work needed to build Zion. It ap­pears that the “one heart” part of the recipe re­quires us, to live wor­thy of reve­la­tion and then obey it, on an on-go­ing ba­sis --united in our love of God and obe­di­ence to Him and His will, as re­vealed to us individually and through the prophets.

Wil­ford Woodruff on 4/7/1867 said, “This body of peo­ple, or church, has got to build up the Zion of God in the last days, and this work can­not be ac­com­plished upon any other prin­ci­ple than that of our be­ing united to­gether as the heart of one man.”

Pres. Brigham Young then ex­plains how we can be­come of one heart through sanc­ti­fi­ca­tion, “...they must be gath­ered to­gether to be taught, that they may sanc­tify them­selves be­fore the Lord and be­come of one heart and of one mind.” (4/14/1867).

And in that unity they are to obey God: “We are called to build up Zion, and we can­not build it up un­less we are united; and in that union we have got to carry out the com­mand­ments of God unto us, and we have got to obey those who are set to lead and guide the af­fairs of the King­dom of God.” (WW, 4/7/1867)

And we can’t obey God with­out reve­la­tion. “The Lord is build­ing up Zion, and is emp­ty­ing the earth of wicked­ness, gath­er­ing his peo­ple, bring­ing again Zion.... Can this be done with­out reve­la­tion? No. You will not make a move, or do any­thing—plant corn, build a hall or a tem­ple, make a farm, or go to the States—no, not a thing to­wards build­ing up Zion, with­out the power of reve­la­tion.“(BY, 7/28/61)

“Do you want to know the true pol­icy of build­ing up Zion, and what is re­quired of us as a peo­ple? I can give it to you. ...if we live ev­ery day of our lives so as to pos­sess the Spirit of the Lord, and are dic­tated in all our busi­ness trans­ac­tions and in ev­ery move we make by the spirit of reve­la­tion, we should merit, and justly and righ­teously ob­tain greater bless­ings than we now pos­sess. “(BY, 4/8/67).

Per­sonal sanc­ti­fi­ca­tion and obe­di­ence to reve­la­tion al­lows the group unity needed. Dis­cuss this at Build­ © 2014 by Jesse Fisher

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