5 Lessons on Grat­i­tude from a Young Teacher

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My 2-year-old daugh­ter wakes up cry­ing and wants to get in Mommy’s Bed. She reaches up her arms, and I lift her into bed. “Thank you, Mommy.”

She feels warm. I take her tem­per­a­ture. “Thank you, Mommy.” I give her medicine. “Thank you, Mommy.”

• Her lips are cracked. I bring her wa­ter.

• I ap­ply balm on her lips.

• Her tummy hurts and her nose is con­gested. I rub es­sen­tial oils onto her belly and chest.

• I turn on a kids’ show.

• I wipe her runny nose.

• I place her in a warm bath, wrapped in tow­els, to cool her fever­ish body.

After ev­ery sin­gle act of ser­vice, she replies the same: “Thank you, Mommy.”

In one hour, my daugh­ter gives more “thank yous” than I typ­i­cally give in a week. I learn from her the lessons I am sup­posed to be teach­ing HER about grat­i­tude.

Les­son #1: Peo­ple are in­spired to help when we are kind.

Les­son #2: We might not be in the mo­ment we want, but we can still be the per­son we want to be.

Les­son #3: Even in un­fa­vor­able cir­cum­stances, we can ex­press grat­i­tude.

Les­son #4: When faced with chal­lenges, give fo­cus to the ten­der mer­cies.

Les­son #5: We’re never too old to learn, and we’re never too young to teach.

Thank you, sweetie.

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