The Pa­triot Within

Serve Daily - - EMPOWERING LIBERTY - By Ly­man Mor­ris

Across the worlds vast ex­panse, in a land I’ve never known

A cry goes out for free­dom and a griev­ing earth will groan.

Two thoughts ex­pressed, op­pos­ing views, and nei­ther one backs down

The con­flict only es­ca­lates as chil­dren’s faces frown.

It’s far away I tell my­self, there is no need to stew

This spat’s be­tween two for­eign folks and not at home with you.

But alas a let­ter comes, that says you’ve been called up

To march into this for­eign land and taste this bit­ter cup.

A hun­dred thoughts go in and out and none stay in my mind

Do I want the life ahead of me, or the one I’ll leave be­hind?

My life has value does it not? Or so I would be­lieve.

To loose it in some for­eign land would but my­self de­ceive.

And what about that other chap, who’s giv­ing up his all?

Is not he just as ner­vous to fill the pa­triot’s call?

Does his life have less value, is he a lesser soul?

Will killing him se­cure my place and help me reach my goal?

Wad­ing through con­fus­ing thoughts, I only feel blind.

No mater how I twist it, I have no peace of mind.

And as my tears run down my face and as they hit the floor

I re­al­ize the ug­li­ness cre­ated by a war.

In my self-in­flicted tor­ture, I plead for God to hear my voice.

Please help me with this prob­lem, please help me with my choice.

As I sit in con­tem­pla­tion, I let my mind be still.

I beg for his as­sur­ance, and how to know His will.

Then warmth be­gins to fill me and I feel His love draw near.

His voice is but a whis­per, but it comes through very clear.

“I too have walked the road your on, you’re not alone my son.

Do I love the ones that hate me or an­swer with a gun?

First let me state I’ll love you, no mater what you choose.

For in life’s tough­est lessons there is no way to lose.

You may go back in learn­ing, you may stum­ble you may fail,

But I’ll al­ways be be­side you, just a whis­per through the veil.

I will not make the choice for you, for this I can­not do.

I can only give you op­tions, the rest is up to you.

But here is how to judge it, which choice gives off more light?

The one that loves and blesses or the one that says to fight?

You see I made this choice my­self, as a soldier lost his ear.

It changed two lives for­ever as I healed him with­out fear.

You can be the one that blesses life or the one that lets it go.

And that still small voice in­side you will al­ways let you know.

So know again I love you, and your “en­emy” as well.

We’re all one fam­ily with God, even those who’ve cho­sen Hell.

Your ex­am­ple will en­lighten and keep a world from sin

If you choose to al­ways fol­low, The Pa­triot Within.

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