Scraper cre­ates saw­dust and works of art

Serve Daily - - FOSTERING INNOVATION - By Clint Wool­ley

Who would be in­ter­ested to read about a guy who makes saw­dust? I’ve been called an artist. A few call me tal­ented. In my mind I am nei­ther. I just en­ter­tain my­self with wood.

I turn (on a lathe) bee­hive-shaped round boxes in my shop (garage) in Tooele County. My in­ter­est ap­pears to be in mak­ing bee­hives more than selling them - a per­son­al­ity flaw, I guess. Even­tu­ally, when too many boxes of fin­ished bee­hives ac­cu­mu­late in the house, I have to find new homes for them. That’s why I came to Springville’s Art City Days this year. With friendly peo­ple call­ing me an artist and/or tal­ented, what’s not to like? I am just happy they like the end re­sult of my hours of mak­ing saw­dust.

Turn­ing for me be­gan in the early ‘90s. I bought a Sears Crafts­man wood lathe with no idea how to use it. Over time, by trial and er­ror, I learned how to turn it on. Small bowls were my first op­po­nents. Thank good­ness for sand­pa­per. There in lies the rub. With no train­ing on proper tech­nique, I be­came a “scraper” rather than a “turner.” To me, a true turner knows how to “ride the bevel.” That tech­nique refers to the an­gle and area of the cut­ting tool that is held against the wood be­ing turned. Done prop­erly, it will pro­vide a much smoother fin­ished sur­face greatly re­duc­ing sand­ing. Scrap­ing re­quires a lot of sand­ing. Hence, my moniker, the saw­dust maker. Af­ter more than 20 years, I still con­sider my­self an am­a­teur turner. But to this day, I love to look at dif­fer­ent hard­woods and won­der how they would look to­gether in a bee­hive round box.

I love Utah and en­joy pro­mot­ing it. Whether peo­ple come here for re­li­gion, busi­ness or the scenery, it is a great place to ex­pe­ri­ence.

I feel a sense of ser­vice to know that my bee­hives not only end up in Utah homes but in other states and even a few other coun­tries as well. My hope is that each time the new own­ers look at their bee­hives they will be re­minded of Utah’s peo­ple, its history and its beauty. I am thank­ful to live here. Reach me at utah­bee­hive@hot­

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