Springville Jr. High art stu­dents mak­ing a dif­fer­ence

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Springville Ju­nior High School draw­ing teacher Lara Wal­lace wanted to en­gage her stu­dents in a pro­ject through which they could make pos­i­tive changes in the world with their tal­ent. As a re­sult, through a scratch­board pro­ject, SJHS draw­ing stu­dents have cre­ated amaz­ing black-and-white tex­tures of en­dan­gered species af­fected by ne­glect in tak­ing care of the world.

To help with the global wa­ter crises, the draw­ing stu­dents are print­ing amaz­ing im­ages pro­duced through the en­dan­gered species pro­ject into gift cards and sell­ing them. The pro­ceeds will go to a part­ner school in Nige­ria to help pro­vide clean wa­ter. The cards are half-sheet sizes with a fold and en­velopes that goes with them. To buy the cards, con­tact Wal­lace at lara. wal­lace@nebo.edu.

Eighth-grade stu­dent Kate­lyn Hol­lis­ter said, “I had no idea I was de­cent at scratch­board. I learned that I can find dif­fer­ent ways with dif­fer­ent medi­ums to make fur look good. Scratch­board is a way to do that. I think it was a good thing to choose an­i­mals for our scratch­board pic­tures.”

Ninth-grade stu­dent Traer Petersen said, “I learned to push what I could do. I didn’t know I could do it that good. The con­tent of my piece is en­dan­gered an­i­mals. I want to help them, but I don’t know how. Now, I know that we should try not to burn as much fos­sil fu­els and keep pol­lu­tion out of the air.”

“Through re­search, the stu­dents learned that our world’s at­mos­phere and ocean are warm­ing through the use of fos­sil fu­els, ni­trous ox­ides, de­for­esta­tion and fer­til­iz­ers, and pol­lu­tion acid­ity in oceans that are re­leas­ing sky-rock­et­ing amounts of green­house gases. The cli­mate crises is un­prece­dented in its scale and com­plex­ity,” Wal­lace said.

To learn more about this pro­ject, visit www.h2o­for­lifeschools.org.

Traer Petersen

Kate­lyn Hol­lis­ter

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