Try th­ese ideas for crock pot meals that are bud­get-friendly

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broth in your crock cooker recipes and for other uses. It seems like the more you do to feed Cook more than you need. Buy a very your fam­ily prop­erly, the harder it is to large, in­ex­pen­sive chuck roast. Even if it’s keep the gro­cery bud­get in check. Us­ing much more than your fam­ily needs - as the crock cooker is a great way to stretch long as it will fit in your crock pot, bring a dol­lar for sev­eral rea­sons: it home with you. Put it in the crock pot,

• You can use tougher, less ex­pen­sive fill the crock cooker half way with wa­ter cuts of meat. (which I would do only for cheap cuts of

• Tra­di­tional crock cooker meals like meat), and let it cook on LOW for 8 hours. chili and soup tend to go a long way. Por­tion the meat and use it through­out the

• The con­ve­nience of this ap­pli­ance week in lunches and din­ners. You can saves you from spend­ing money on take even freeze some of the meat to take out out. later in the month.

• Crock cook­ers use less elec­tric­ity than Buy from the Clean 15 list. Even if you stoves. make an ef­fort to buy or­ganic when­ever

To­day, I’m go­ing to share some tips pos­si­ble, you can save a lit­tle bit of money with you to help you save even more money on your gro­cery bill. Use crock cooker with this beloved kitchen ap­pli­ance. recipes that call for in­gre­di­ents from the

Make your own stock. If you know me Clean 15 in­stead of the Dirty Dozen list so at all, you know I’m pretty big on mak­ing you can buy the less ex­pen­sive, con­ven­tion­ally stock. With a slow cooker, you shouldn’t grown op­tion over or­ganic. (You ever have to buy canned or boxed broth can learn more about the Clean 15 at ewg. again. Sim­ply save up bones (I keep one org by the way.) zip­per bag for chicken bones and one for Many Clean 15 items are great for slow beef), trim­mings and juices from your cook­ing, in­clud­ing onions, sweet pota­toes roasts and freeze them un­til you have and cab­bage. enough to fill your crock pot about half full. When you have enough, put them in the crock pot, fill the crock 3/4 full with wa­ter and let it cook on LOW for 8 hours or so. Then, you can use this home­made

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