I found the beef: It’s in the sand­wiches at Ital­ian Place

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Youknow how sometimes when you go to a sand­wich place, you or­der a sand­wich ex­pect­ing a lot of meat but when it comes out there are only two thin slices of meat on it? You wanted a sand­wich with meat, not veg­eta­bles with a lit­tle bit of meat. Or a huge bun with a lit­tle bit of meat. Then you’re just plain dis­ap­pointed. I am the type of girl who or­ders dou­ble meat on my sand­wiches be­cause there never seems to be enough meat on there. That is, un­til I went to the Ital­ian Place. If I or­dered dou­ble meat at the Ital­ian Place, it would be im­pos­si­ble to take a bite, and I would need a fork be­cause the meat would be too thick. The Ital­ian Place is the place to go when you want a meaty, de­li­cious sand­wich.

Ok, I feel like I need to clear up some­thing re­ally quick. If you read the sign “Ital­ian Place” when cruis­ing, you may think that they serve Ital­ian food like spaghetti, ri­ga­toni or lasagna. Nope. Not that kind of Ital­ian. We are talk­ing steak and cheese sand­wiches that will def­i­nitely fill you up be­cause they are laden with de­li­cious thin-sliced steak.

They have three sizes: half (5”), full (8”) and MON­STER (12”). Even the small­est could eas­ily fill you up. So let’s go through the op­tions. Steak and Cheese (steak and pro­volone cheese) is your ba­sic. Lots of juicy, de­li­cious steak com­bined with some pro­volone cheese. Served on a nice French bread roll that is hardy enough to hold all the meati­ness with­out be­ing over­pow­er­ing. One of my pet peeves is when the sand­wich is more roll than meat. Next op­tion, steak and ev­ery­thing: take the steak and cheese and add on some mush­rooms, green pep­pers, onions, and fresh toma­toes. They only use the fresh­est ingredients, so ev­ery­thing is just de­li­cious.

My per­sonal fa­vorite is the Philly and Ev­ery­thing, which is the steak and ev­ery­thing WITH cream cheese in­stead of the pro­volone. So you have these thin slices of steak that are coated with creamy cream cheese, and then you add in the sautéed onions, mush­rooms, green pep­pers and those fresh, crisp toma­toes. Then you have the nice crusty bun, and it is just per­fec­tion. I just love the creami­ness of it all.

If you want to add some more di­men­sions of fla­vor to your steak sand­wich, they have the Thor sand­wich, which adds in some de­li­cious A1 steak sauce for all those A1 fans out there. The Zeus kicks it up a notch with steak, pas­trami, banana pep­pers, toma­toes, pick­les, may­on­naise and mus­tard. They have some other vari­a­tions like tur­key, ham or pas­trami sand­wiches. They also make sal­ads like the Ev­ery­thing Steak Salad and the Ev­ery­thing Tur­key Salad.

The great thing is that you cus­tom­ize ev­ery­thing. You can even add a fried egg on top if you’d like. One op­tion that has a pretty big fan base is the Jalapeno Ranch if you are a fan of spicy. I’m not nor­mally a fan of spicy food, but it was pretty creamy and de­li­cious.

To go with your sand­wich, you can choose a side salad or a va­ri­ety of chips. They also have some pretty amaz­ing gar­lic cheese bread that comes out toasty with melted cheese. For dessert, you can have a rich, chewy brownie with cho­co­late chips or cho­co­late chip cook­ies.

So if you find your­self crav­ing an ex­traor­di­nary steak and cheese sand­wich, head on over to The Ital­ian Place. It’s lo­cated at 749 N. Main in Span­ish Fork. They are open Mon­day through Thurs­day from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Fri­days and Satur­days from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. The own­ers are Paul and Cathy Brown. The gen­eral man­ager in Span­ish Fork is Shawn Stone­man. He’s a pretty great guy and will make sure that you are taken care of. The Ital­ian Place has been around since 1972 and they also have lo­ca­tions in Provo and Lin­don as well as a food truck and cater­ing.

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