Win­ter: A sea­son to be cher­ished, ap­pre­ci­ated

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and pu­rity. Then the ques­tion: are we go­ing to be able to get out of the drive­way We are blessed liv­ing at this lat­i­tude to­day? Driv­ing can be an ad­ven­ture to­day and al­ti­tude with four sea­sons to en­ter­tain in terms of trac­tion and de­fen­sive mind­set us dur­ing the year. Win­ter is a cool sea­son about other driv­ers on the road. On the (pun in­tended) be­cause it has some unique lighter side, it is time to make snow an­gels fea­tures for us to think about and ap­pre­ci­ate. and snow­men. Now, there is a win­ter sight The vis­ual im­pact of win­ter is mul­ti­fac­eted for you. Then there are the ac­tion shots in and gets frozen in our mind (pun our cam­era or at least in our mind’s eye of in­tended) for us to take into old age and sled­ding, skiing, snow­board­ing and rid­ing use wisely. the snow­mo­bile in the win­ter won­der­land.

The weather fore­cast tells us a snow There is just no other sea­son like it. storm is com­ing, and it may be the largest The win­ter nights are long at our lat­i­tude storm of the sea­son. We anx­iously wait, on the planet. In Utah County, we pe­ri­od­i­cally look­ing out the win­dow to have about 15 hours be­tween sun­set and see if it is snow­ing yet. When we go to sun­rise dur­ing a mid-win­ter day. With so bed we get up with great cu­rios­ity to see much dark­ness, it has al­ways amazed me how much snow has fallen. Then we ask that the Cre­ator’s wis­dom has pro­vided us our­selves how long will the storm last. with a blan­ket of white snow to re­flect the Snow is some­thing we can see, mea­sure, lim­ited light that is avail­able. Just look at touch and taste. A snow storm brings the magic of a full moon on a win­ter night. out emo­tions we don’t ex­pe­ri­ence in the Win­ter is a won­der­ful sea­son to be cher­ished spring, sum­mer and fall sea­sons. and ap­pre­ci­ated. Hu­man na­ture is

The land­scape gets a new coat of beauty such that we will soon be ready for change and brings forth a sense of clean­li­ness and spring weather and its at­tributes.

Fresh snow brings a sense of clean­li­ness and pu­rity.

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