Siro’s Place: Get a taste of Ar­gentina in Salem

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Prom­ise me that you will go try Siro’s. The food is amaz­ing and Siro and his fam­ily are so kind and gra­cious. It is dif­fer­ent than any­thing that I have ever eaten and it was de­li­cious. I wasn’t sure what to ex­pect. I think that I am ig­no­rant and some­times ex­pect that all food from South Amer­ica will be some vari­a­tion of bur­ri­tos, tacos, rice and beans, etc. Ev­ery time I try the cui­sine of a dif­fer­ent coun­try in South Amer­ica, though, I fall in love.

So I went to Siro’s ex­pect­ing typ­i­cal chips and salsa and I was blown away by the unique, de­li­cious food that they serve there. The sand­wiches are mas­sive and served on de­li­cious, fresh French bread. The em­panadas are per­fect lit­tle bil­lowy pil­lows of bread filled with sa­vory meats and cheese. While we were wait­ing for our food, they brought out an ap­pe­tizer of chorizo (sausage), it came with this amaz­ing dip­ping sauce: chimichurri. I wanted a gal­lon of it. It is sim­i­lar to a pesto but it is made with Ital­ian pars­ley. Wow. First off, I don’t nor­mally like chorizo be­cause I think it will be spicy. This was tender with a great crust to it and tasted per­fect dipped in that chimichurri.

My ab­so­lute fa­vorite sand­wich was the Lomito Ar­gen­tine. It has, ready for this: steak, ham, cheese, and two fried eggs. It sounds in­tense and I’m not nor­mally brave enough to or­der a fried egg on my sand­wich, but this sand­wich was un­real. The steak com­bined with the melted cheese and the egg with that soft French bread with the crisp crust. I am telling you, it is amaz­ing. All this for $8.50 with a huge help­ing of fresh home­made French fries. So de­li­cious. And they are mas­sive. I hon­estly think you could feed four peo­ple with a sand­wich.

Mi­lanesa Napoli­tana was my sec­ond fa­vorite. Mi­lanesa is an Ital­ian dish where a thin slice of meat is breaded and fried. And it is de­li­cious. So you have your mi­lanesa meat (you can choose chicken or beef) with let­tuce, mayo, mari­nara sauce and a thick slice of melty moz­zarella. It is like a chicken Parme­san on French bread. I loved the fla­vor of the fresh mari­nara and toma­toes mixed with the cheese and the meat. Then that de­li­cious bread. Wow.

The Pork Lomito is a pork chop sand­wich with red pep­pers, let­tuce and to­mato and that crazy, amaz­ing chimichurri sauce. The Man­wich has mi­lanesa and that amaz­ing chorizo sausage along with let­tuce and to­mato. You can also get a chori­pan combo, which is a chorizo sand­wich or mi­lanesa with the tra­di­tional mi­lanesa meat and let­tuce, to­mato and mayo. All of these in­volve that crazy, de­li­cious sauce.

The sand­wiches blew me away. I loved the va­ri­ety. I loved the fla­vors. I loved the sauces. I loved the meat. But they also have those soft, pil­lowy (not sure if that is a word) em­panadas. For $5.50, you can get an em­panada combo with your choice of 2 em­panadas, fries, and a drink. You can choose from spinach (with eggs and moz­zarella), ground beef, ham and cheese (chopped ham and moz­zarella cheese) or chicken. They were lovely. The bread is light and fluffy and the fill­ings are de­lec­ta­ble. I re­ally liked the chicken be­cause it had a sweet taste to it. The ham and cheese had de­li­cious melted moz­zarella cheese - so stringy and de­li­cious. I also love it be­cause you can choose two dif­fer­ent kinds so you can get a va­ri­ety.

When it was time to go, all of us had a half sand­wich left ex­cept for Kyle (am­a­teur com­pet­i­tive eater). It re­ally is so much food. You get a great deal for your money AND it is de­li­cious and some­thing fun and new to try. So head on over to Siro’s Place. Don’t just drive by and won­der what it is. Try one of their de­li­cious sand­wiches or an em­panada. It won’t cost a lot. You can eas­ily share and you’ll get to taste some­thing new and find your own fa­vorite. Siro’s is lo­cated at 575 N. State Road 198 in Salem right by Zu Wire Fit­ness. They are open Mon­day through Thurs­day from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Fri­day and Satur­day from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.

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