Church lead­ers: Build­ing Cities of Enoch in Utah

Serve Daily - - MERIT ACADEMY - By Jesse Fisher

An­other sur­pris­ing thing I dis­cov­ered while read­ing quotes by early LDS lead­ers was that they equated their Zion-build­ing ef­forts in Utah to those of the an­cient prophet Enoch:

“Then again, did Enoch build up a Zion? So we are do­ing .... Now, this is what we are build­ing up, and they built up a sim­i­lar thing be­fore the flood ....” - Pres­i­dent John Tay­lor, Oct. 20, 1881

“The Lord has de­clared it to be his will that his peo­ple en­ter into covenant, even as Enoch and his peo­ple did, which of ne­ces­sity must be be­fore we shall have the priv­i­lege of build­ing the Cen­ter Stake of Zion ....” - Brigham Young, Oc­to­ber 1876 Gen­eral Con­fer­ence

“We read of the Zion that was built up by Enoch .... We have been ex­pect­ing all along to build up a sim­i­lar Zion upon these moun­tains ....” - Elder John Tay­lor, Aug. 31, 1875

“We are try­ing to unite the peo­ple to­gether in the or­der that the Lord re­vealed to Enoch, which will be ob­served and sus­tained in the lat­ter days in re­deem­ing and build­ing up Zion; this is the very or­der that will do it, and noth­ing short of it. We are try­ing to or­ga­nize the Lat­ter-day Saints into this or­der ....” - Brigham Young, June 21, 1874

“As they in [Enoch’s] day were placed un­der the guid­ance of the Almighty, so are we .... As they had the Gospel to preach, so have we. As they had a Zion to build up, so have we.” - Pres­i­dent John Tay­lor, Oc­to­ber 1884 Gen­eral Con­fer­ence.

Not only did they be­lieve they were ac­tu­ally build­ing a real Enoch-style Zion so­ci­ety, they were ap­par­ently do­ing it to pre­pare for the re­turn of Enoch’s Zion to the Earth. “Let us pre­pare our­selves for the com­ing of Enoch’s Zion, that we may have the same or­der of things among us that they had in the be­gin­ning.” - Or­son Pratt, Sept. 10, 1854

“We have no busi­ness here other than to build up and es­tab­lish the Zion of God. It must be done ac­cord­ing to the will and law of God af­ter that pat­tern and or­der by which Enoch built up and per­fected the for­mer-day Zion, which was taken away to heaven .... By and by it will come back again, and as Enoch pre­pared his peo­ple to be wor­thy of trans­la­tion, so we through our faith­ful­ness must pre­pare our­selves to meet Zion from above when it shall re­turn to earth ....” - Brigham Young, April 1877 Gen­eral Con­fer­ence (his last).

“And we will build up a Zion: that is what we are aim­ing at. And that Zion also, when the time comes, will as­cend to meet the Zion from above, which will de­scend, and both, we are told, will fall on each other’s necks and kiss each other. These are some of the things we are af­ter.” - Pres­i­dent John Tay­lor, Oct. 20, 1881

Now you know why we lo­cals here in Utah call our state “Zion,” be­cause un­til the late 1880s, that’s what we were ac­tu­ally build­ing - City-of- Enoch style Zion com­mu­ni­ties.

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