Ca­bana’s Lomo Sal­tado: A de­li­cious steak ex­pe­ri­ence

Serve Daily - - BUILD­ING COM­MU­NITY - By Amy Baird

Lo­moSal­tado. Trans­lated it means jump­ing steak. In my opin­ion, it is the most de­li­cious steak dish I have ever is kind of like fa­ji­tas but bet­ter? I don’t tasted. When they de­scribed it to me, they know how to de­scribe it ac­cu­rately. And it said it was like a stir fry where the oil is was beau­ti­fully pre­sented. I never thought very hot and they cook it. I was imag­in­ing I would say that steak is gor­geous, but this some kind of stir fry with rice and beans. was just beau­ti­ful. No, this was more than that. This was ten­der, So af­ter my last ex­pe­ri­ence with Ar­gen­tine juicy, per­fectly sea­soned steak, onions food, I got to take a trip to Ca­bana in and toma­toes on a bed of French fries. It Payson to try some Peru­vian and Mex­i­can food. I didn’t re­ally have high ex­pec­ta­tions. There are hon­estly a lot of Mex­i­can res­tau­rants around and I am pretty fa­mil­iar with the ba­sics. But I was in­stantly im­pressed with Ca­bana’s food. For one thing, ev­ery­thing is fresh and home­made.

I’ve been to a few Mex­i­can res­tau­rants where I have seen the huge cans of red en­chi­lada sauce. Not im­pressed. The en­chi­lada sauce at Ca­bana is made by re­hy­drat­ing dried chilies and mix­ing them with blend of spices. It is de­li­cious and the color is a vi­brant red, so even the en­chi­lada sauce is pretty. I got the chicken en­chi­lada and that red en­chi­lada sauce was de­li­cious and fresh.

Af­ter a while, I kind of no­ticed that ev­ery­thing I ate was pretty. Even the chimichanga came out look­ing like a light fluffy lit­tle pil­low and was kind of adorable. Af­ter ask­ing a few ques­tions, I found out that the chef used to work at Park City Moun­tain Re­sort. Any­way, you don’t want to know about cute food, you need to know about the fla­vor. That adorable chimichanga was as de­li­cious as it was adorable. Ten­der, sea­soned, shred­ded beef and a per­fect crust and served with rice and beans. It was one of the best chimichangas I have ever tasted and not su­per dense like some. It ac­tu­ally tasted kind of light be­cause of the light crust, if a chimichanga can be de­scribed as light.

An­other one of my fa­vorite things (there were a lot of those) was the salsa bar. They have about 10 dif­fer­ent sal­sas that are all freshly made. There was a salsa fresca, some tomatillo sal­sas, an amaz­ing avo­cado-based salsa and just a lot of va­ri­ety. All of them had a lot of fla­vor and com­plex­ity to them. They com­pli­mented the dishes as well as the hot de­li­cious tor­tilla chips with re­fried beans (yummy) that Lomo Sal­tado. You could feed two peo­ple were brought out while we were wait­ing. with it. Maybe or­der some street ta­cos too

The street ta­cos are a bar­gain at a dol­lar so you can try some of those. Get your­self a piece. They are served on de­li­cious corn a big glass of their hor­chata. Even if you tor­tillas with pork, chicken or steak. You don’t get the Lomo Sal­tado, all of their other can go to the salsa bar to cus­tom­ize as you dishes are de­li­cious, fresh and au­then­tic. like. Then, the mole. No, not gua­camole. Plus, if you don’t feel like Mex­i­can food, The chicken mole en­chi­lada. Their mole they have some pretty amaz­ing burg­ers sauce is sweet, nutty and has a lot of rich, and chicken sand­wiches. So, what­ever you com­plex fla­vors. It was de­li­cious. They are crav­ing and no mat­ter how ad­ven­tur­ous have a few mole dishes. you are feel­ing, they have some­thing

And fi­nally, the hor­chata. You go some de­li­cious just for you. And they have lunch places and they serve a hor­chata that is spe­cials for $6.99 with a drink so you can su­per sweet and tastes like it was made come try out a dif­fer­ent dish each day of from syrup. This is the real thing. You can the week. They are open Mon­day through taste all the fla­vors and the rich cin­na­mon Satur­day from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. sweet­ness, but not too sweet. Au­then­tic and just di­vine.

OK. So here is your game plan. Go to Ca­bana, lo­cated at 75 S. Main Street in Payson. Get seated, get some chips and bean dip and make your choices from the salsa bar. Or­der your­self the

Photo by Kristin Godoy

Ca­bana’s Lomo Sal­tado

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