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I’m miss­ing some­thing which was very valu­able to me, not in a mon­e­tary sense, but be­cause it was the sup­port I need to be able to main­tain my home on West Univer­sity Street. It was a very light­weight, two-wheeled lit­tle hand cart with a rec­tan­gu­lar, flat-bot­tomed bed and U-shaped metal han­dle. I used that lit­tle cart to haul flower pots and such around the yard, pick up de­bris after a storm, carry bags of yard trash down to the curb, as well as a heavy re­cy­cle tub full of news­pa­pers.

I had a sys­tem with the re­cy­cle tub. Since I have two tubs, one would sit on the garage floor cov­ered by the lid, with the other tub sit­ting on top hold­ing news­pa­pers When the tub was full, I would wheel in the lit­tle cart, slide the heavy tub off into it and push it down to the street.

Last week the cart, with the re­cy­cle tub sit­ting in it, was at the curb lined up ex­actly be­side my big trash bar­rel. Since the City may come by early, th­ese are put out the night be­fore. When I looked out next morn­ing, the re­cy­cle tub was on the ground, and my lit­tle cart was gone — and I’m feel­ing a tremen­dous loss. It’s very old, and I feel surely ir­re­place­able.

If you are the one who took my cart, per­haps think­ing it was out there to be car­ried off for clean-up week, I would re­ally ap­pre­ci­ate your bring­ing it back and leav­ing it in my yard, any time day or night. If you see that a neigh­bor or some­one else you know has the cart, please show them this let­ter. Bar­bara Fore­man Siloam Springs

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