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(Sally gives Wy­att a pri­vate view­ing of one of her sexy lin­gerie de­signs by mod­el­ing it for him.)

Sally: “No­tice the de­tail on the bodice?”

Wy­att: “I don’t. You should come closer, so I can see.”

Sally: “I am just try­ing to give you the full ef­fect.”

Wy­att: “Trust me, uh, I am get­ting the full ef­fect right now.”

(Wy­att feels for his fa­ther af­ter Bill loses cus­tody of Will.)

Wy­att: “You’re not alone. Not re­ally.”

Bill: “Def­i­nitely not. I have Ali­son and Justin con­trac­tu­ally ob­li­gated to stand by my side when­ever I de­sire.”

Wy­att: “Not to men­tion your three sons, where there’s no pay­ment re­quired.”


(Mimi is tick­ing off Bon­nie’s litany of past crimes.) Mimi: “You al­ways get caught. And what about Mickey Hor­ton?” Bon­nie: “That was love. L-o-v-e.” Mimi: “Which led you to re­venge. R-e-v-e-n-g-e.”

(Sami runs into Kate.)

Sami: “Oh, hey. Look, I have no time to talk. I have a new lead on Kris­ten. An ad­dress. I think I’m gonna find her.”

Kate: “Did you call the po­lice?”

Sami: “Are you kid­ding? Of course not. They’d stop me.”


(Ava tells Franco that she went to Kiki’s to make amends with her daugh­ter.)

Franco: “Well, that’s very im­pres­sive.”

Ava: “Thank you.”

Franco: “How’d ya screw it up?”

(Af­ter in­ad­ver­tently spoil­ing Ryan’s plan to kill Lucy, Laura com­plains about her to “Kevin”). Laura: “I want to stran­gle her.”

Ryan: “Get in line.”

(Kiki com­pares her and Grif­fin to Burt Lan­caster and Deb­o­rah Kerr in From Here To Eter­nity, which he hasn’t seen.)

Grif­fin: “Did Burt and Deb­o­rah have some­thing like your mother work­ing against them?”

Kiki: “Only Pearl Har­bor and the start of World War II.”

Grif­fin: “Aha. So, they got off easy.”


(Billy knows he’s in hot water if he doesn’t re­place the money he “bor­rowed” from Jabot.)

Billy: “I’m mad at my­self right now.”

Phyl­lis: “Well, get in line. I’m fu­ri­ous at you. We can take turns beat­ing you up af­ter we fix this.”


Lace Up:B&B’S Wy­att (Darin Brooks) was more than happy to in­spect Sally’s (Court­ney Hope) dainty de­sign.

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