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■ Abi­gail goes into la­bor at the Hor­ton cabin, where Chad de­liv­ers a baby girl. “For a mo­ment, Chad and Abi­gail for­get the drama and ev­ery­thing they are go­ing through,” says Marci Miller (Abi­gail). “They have no choice but to ad­dress the cir­cum­stance at hand. Be­ing in the midst of that to­gether re­minds them that they’re a team. They to­tally re­con­nect. They re­dis­cover that they love each other.”

Chad pro­ceeds to dote on Abi­gail and her baby. “It’s all of a sud­den very sober­ing,” re­counts Miller. “All the bull crap that they were wor­ried about sud­denly doesn’t mat­ter any­more. They get back to their roots and re­mem­ber what’s most im­por­tant to them.”

Mean­while, back in Salem, Ste­fan catches Gabi with the Gabby wig and pills, and forces her to ad­mit she was set­ting up Abi­gail. Dev­as­tated to re­al­ize that Gabby isn’t com­ing back to him, Ste­fan pre­pares to call the cops, but Gabi con­vinces him that it’s in his best in­ter­est not to ex­pose her scheme. It would only drive Abi­gail and Chad back to­gether and pos­si­bly cost Ste­fan “his” child, she adds. Then, sud­denly, Ste­fan re­ceives a call from Chad, who makes him an of­fer he can’t refuse.

Af­ter­ward, Chad re­turns to Abi­gail’s side and they share a warm mo­ment as she names her daugh­ter Char­lotte. Then a med­i­cal team ar­rives to trans­port mother and child to Salem. “Abi­gail is op­ti­mistic. She

“Abi­gail is so wildly be­trayed.”

feels she and Chad are tak­ing steps in the right di­rec­tion to heal­ing,” says Miller.

Things turn on a dime, how­ever, when Ste­fan shows up, hav­ing been sum­moned by Chad. Ste­fan presents Chad with the pa­per­work to com­mit Abi­gail, as Chad ex­plains that he just wants her to get the help she needs. “Abi­gail is so wildly be­trayed,” sums up Miller. “She feels com­pletely alone. Ev­ery­thing gets turned up­side down. It’s heart-wrench­ing.”

A distraught Abi­gail is taken to Bayview. Chad then hands over baby Char­lotte to Ste­fan, which was the bar­gain they struck in or­der to get Ste­fan to com­mit Abi­gail. “It’s all so emo­tional,” shares Miller. “The paramedics are hold­ing down Abi­gail, try­ing to strap her to the bed, while she’s try­ing to get to her child. The weight of it all is so se­vere and deeply scar­ring.”

Things take a darker turn when Gabi, who dis­cov­ers that Abi­gail has been com­mit­ted, shows up to visit her. Abi­gail, not sur­pris­ingly, is filled with “ha­tred and dis­dain,” notes Miller. “The au­dac­ity of this woman do­ing all these things and then ac­tu­ally show up in her room is over­whelm­ing.”

Back To Bed: Abi­gail (Marci Miller) is dev­as­tated to re­turn to Bayview.

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