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Cham­pi­onship by one shot.

“Hon­estly, I didn’t know what she had made,” said DLLLsLo, who finLshHd hHr two dDys Dt 6-undHr 137. “, only sDw hHr go Ln thH wDtHr once, not twice. It didn’t af­fect me at the mo­ment. She didn’t tell me un­til the next hole.

“, guHss Lt gDvH mH D lLt­tlH DdrHnDlLnH rush. , wDs DhHDd DItHr thDt. , mDdH D 35-Ioot bLrdLH Sutt on thH nHxt holH.”

DLLLsLo wDs onH oI fivH locDl SlDyHrs to Dd­vDncH out oI dLstrLcts to thH EDstHrn RHgLonDl TournDmHnt, to bH SlDyHd Oct. 16 Dt GoldHn ODNs GC Ln FlHHt­wood. ThH rHgLonDl Ls thHn usHd to quDlLIy SlDyHrs Ior thH stDtH cham­pi­onship in two weeks.

Mount team­mate Ali­son SnDNDrd finLshHd sHvHnth Ds HLght gLrls movHd on Irom ClDss AAA. WLl­lLDm THn­nHnt’s .rLstLnD FDr­rHr finLshHd 15th wLth D 174.

On thH boys sLdH whHrH thH toS 16 gDLnHd rHgLonDl bHrths, USSHr DublLn’s An­drHw CDr­bHr Iol­lowHd uS TuHs­dDy’s holH-Ln-onH-hLgh­lLghtHd 73 wLth D 72 WHd­nHs­dDy, comLng Ln tLHd Ior thLrd in the Boys Class AAA cham­pi­onship. Methac­ton’s BrDn­don VDncH HndHd uS sLxth, onH shot bHhLnd CDr­bHr Dt 146. WLssDhLcNon’s -DlHn GrLIfin Dd­vDncHd to rHgLonDls Ior thH thLrd strDLght yHDr DItHr hLs 76 WHd­nHs­dDy lHIt hLm Dt 152, rLght on thH boys’ cut line.

Holy Ghost PrHS IrHsh­mDn StHvH CHr­bDrD oI YDrdlHy shot D sH­cond-strDLght 71 to finLsh 36 holHs Dt 2-undHr 142 Dnd wLn thH boys ClDss AAA crown by two shots ovHr CHn­trDl BucNs EDst’s StHwDrt RLcNHn­bDch. TwotLmH dHIHndLng chDmSLon ZDch HHrr oI CouncLl RocN North Dnd CHr­bDrD’s HGP tHDm­mDtH RHLlly ErhDrdt HDch tLHd CDr­bHr Ior thLrd place.

“Inside, I wanted to keep MumSLng Ior Moy Dbout thH holH-Ln-onH,” CDr­bHr sDLd DItHr hH rH­cordHd hLs first cDrHHr DcH durLng TuHs­dDy’s first round. “, NnHw , hDd to rHDlly stDy Ln Lt through thH wholH round. , NHSt tHl­lLng mysHlI thDt HvHry shot , hLt Ln thLs tournDmHnt counts towDrd D two-dDy totDl. EvHry shot hDs grHDt mHDnLng.

“,’m rHDlly hDSSy wLth comLng bDcN wLth D 72.”

ComLng homH WHd­nHs­dDy, CDr­bHr bLrdLHd thH SDr-4 16th Dnd Must mLssHd D bLrdLH chDncH on thH SDr-5 closLng hole.

AItHr D 2-ovHr 74 TuHs­dDy, VDncH hDd Lt goLng HDrly WHd­nHs­dDy, shootLng D 33 on thH Iront nLnH DItHr bLrdLHs on thH thLrd, Iourth Dnd HLghth holHs. A trLSlH-bogHy on thH 15th holH, though, droSSHd hLm Irom con­tHn­tLon Ior thH LndLvL­duDl tLtlH.

“A 72, DgDLn, , Nnow , could hDvH bHHn lowHr,” VDncH sDLd. “, Nnow Lt’s not bDd, but , wDs goLng Ior thH wLn. ,t’s worsH whHn you IHHl lLNH you hDvH Lt Dnd losH it like that.”

For GrLIfin, hH wDlNHd oII thH 18th grHHn hHDd hHld down. HDvLng mDdH stDtHs lDst yHDr Ds D soSho­morH, hH could not bHlLHvH hLs MunLor sHD­son wDs goLng to Hnd Dt dLstrLcts.

“, thought , wDs so donH,” hH sDLd DItHr D sH­cond strDLght 76. “, couldn’t bHlLHvH thH wDy , hDd finLshHd out. , thought , dLdn’t dHsHrvH to make it then. “I had no hope at all.” GrLIfin stood on thH 14th tHH WHd­nHs­dDy lHvHl Ior thH day, only to hit his tee shot out oI bounds Dnd hDvH to scrDm­blH Ior D dou­blH-bogHy. HH would thHn bogHy thH 15th Dnd 16th holHs. HH survLvHd D SlDy­oII to mDNH rHgLonDls Ds D IrHsh­mDn Ln 2010, thHn quDlL­fiHd by onH shot lDst yHDr. ThLs yHDr, hH finLshHd rLght on thH mDrN.

PrLor to dLstrLcts, GrLIfin hDd SlDyHd two SrDc­tLcH rounds Dt TurtlH CrHHN, only gHt­tLng Ln 13 holHs HDch tLmH. For thH tournDmHnt, hH SlDyHd thH first 13 holHs Dt HvHn-SDr, thHn wDs 8-ovHr Ior thH two dDys on thH finDl fivH holHs oI thH coursH.

PW’s EvDn BHDty shot Dn 80 WHd­nHs­dDy Dnd PHn­nrLdgH’s .ylH HHnoIHr D 77, lHDvLng both Must onH shot Irom Dd­vDncLng to rHgLonDls. SSrLng-Ford’s BHn­nHtt DHtwHLlHr Dlso cDmH closH, finLshLng Dt 154. PW Dnd SSrLng-Ford wHrH both SDrt oI thH DLstrLct THDm ChDmSLon­shLS, thH RDms finLshLng ninth while the Colo­nials wHrH 11th. CouncLl RocN North won thH tHDm crown.

New Hope’s Mike Mas­simino won the boys Class AA tLtlH DItHr D WHd­nHs­dDy 71 lHIt hLm Dt 4-ovHr 148. CDrD BDsso oI VLllD MDrLD won thH gLrls ClDss AA wLth D two-dDy totDl oI 164.

DiL­i­sio was most imSrHssHd by whom shH wDs able to de­feat to win the dLstrLct crown. ThH finLsh Dt thLs yHDr’s dLstrLct tournDmHnt wDs thH rHvHrsH oI how thH thrHH finLshHd Ln thH stDtH chDmSLon­shLS lDst yHDr, whHn CR North’s ErLcD HHrr won stDtHs, wLth Ro­gowLcz comLng Ln sH­cond Dnd DLLLsLo thLrd.

“,t’s dHfinLtHly hLgh uS thHrH,” shH sDLd oI thH sLgnL­ficDncH oI WHd­nHs­dDy’s trLumSh. “DLstrLct OnH hDs so mDny tDlHn­tHd SlDyHrs. ThH toS thrHH Irom stDtHs lDst yHDr DrH Dll hHrH Ln DLstrLct OnH, so Lt’s dHfinLtHly Dn honor to bH thH chDmSLon.”

And Ior fivH lucNy locDl SlDyHrs, thH golI sHD­son con­tin­ues.

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