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Torqs­torm Su­per­charg­ers has in­creased the size of its com­pres­sor blow-off valve from 38mm to 52mm, eas­ing the work­load on the su­per­charger’s com­pres­sor wheel with in­creased air con­trol. Con­nected to the 3-inch in­take tract, the new blow-off valve fea­tures a spring-loaded pis­ton in­side the valve’s alu­minum hous­ing and a 0.25-inch nip­ple on its cap that cre­ates a vac­uum that com­presses the spring, al­low­ing the pis­ton to draw away and re­lease un­wanted boost pres­sure through the win­dows in the valve’s hous­ing.

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