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ap­proaches, we’re look­ing for dec­o­rat­ing ideas that bring a light, cool touch. If you’d like to swap out some of your heavy win­ter decor for a lighter and airier feel, look no fur­ther than blue and white Chi­nese porce­lain. It’s prac­ti­cal, ver­sa­tile and can be found easily at decor shops and online stores. Best of all, the cool color com­bi­na­tion is an el­e­gant look that doesn’t break the bank. bet­ter is how easy it is to find blue and white porce­lain in a va­ri­ety of shapes and sizes. For in­stant im­pact with chic ap­peal, try adding two large Chi­nese blue and white vases on your din­ing ta­ble or en­try foyer con­sole. If you have a small writ­ing desk or a desk with cub­by­holes, what would look cuter than a col­lec­tion of blue and white porce­lain an­i­mals? Look for them on sites such as eBay or Etsy or aliex­

In the kitchen, try a com­bi­na­tion of lid­ded jars and use those for a unique set of flour and sugar can­is­ters. Just make sure that the jars you use are la­beled “food safe.” Try re­plac­ing your mis­matched cof­fee mugs with a va­ri­ety of blue and white mugs (origi- nal­ The pat­terns will all be unique but the color com­bi­na­tion will cre­ate a uni­fied look.

Or cre­ate a vi­gnette of porce­lain by adding a va­ri­ety of jars and vases in dif­fer­ent shapes such as long necked, gourd­shaped or square and in vary­ing sizes (bom­bay­ You can also put a large plat­ter on a stand and flank with a pair of vases on ei­ther side with some smaller pieces in front.

On the wall above, add a dec­o­ra­tive ar­range­ment of blue and white porce­lain plat­ters or plates (pearl­ You of­ten can find a va­ri­ety of dish­ware, plates and plat­ters at your lo­cal Asian mar­kets. While you’re there, stock up on some ex­tra soup bowls and small dishes for sauces and condi­ments (asian­food­gro­

If you’d like to add a blue and white ac­cent in your bed­room, take a pair of vases to a lo­cal lamp shop and have them drilled and wired for a cus­tom lamp that’s both chic and af­ford­able. For wall in­ter­est, try a group­ing of vases on dec­o­ra­tive shelf brack­ets. You’ll cre­ate a unique de­sign that looks like a mil­lion bucks and costs less than $100. For a more clas­sic look, flank a piece of art­work with two vases on brack­ets on ei­ther side of the frame. It adds im­pact and in­ter­est sim­ply by cre­at­ing a 3-D as­pect on a wall where we of­ten have a habit of only us­ing flat pic­tures

and art­work.

For some­thing a lit­tle un­ex­pected, add a blue and white porce­lain gar­den stool for a sweet spot to set a drink (way­ or add a col­lec­tion of blue and white porce­lain to top your fire­place man­tle. If you love the pat­terns and prints on blue and white porce­lain, carry it a bit fur­ther by adding drapes or throw pil­lows in Chi­nese porce­lain printed fab­rics like the Michael Miller Blue & White Porce­lain fab­ric (jone­sand­van­der­

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