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Writer’s crit­i­cism shows his bias

- Jay Lopin, Boca Ra­ton Marty Weis­berg, Coral Springs Jim Surdi, Mar­gate

Shame­ful the way vet­er­ans are treated

The more I see and read about our vet­er­ans, the more I won­der where are the brains in Wash­ing­ton, D.C.?

Vet­er­ans are be­ing ne­glected and are seek­ing help for ill­nesses they have while de­fend­ing our coun­try. They are with­out arms, legs and many are blind.

The VA Ad­min­is­tra­tion is do­ing noth­ing to help th­ese men and yet we can send money to all of th­ese for­eign coun­tries with a clean con­science. Many of our brave men and women are com­mit­ting sui­cide. Their pen- sions are mea­ger and when the gov­ern­ment cuts their pay, it is be­cause they feel th­ese other coun­tries are vastly in need of our help.

I am so proud to be an Amer­i­can, but I am not proud of how our coun­try is treat­ing our vet­er­ans.

I ap­plaud them and re­spect them as they have gone be­yond the call of duty.

Alison Es­pos­ito, Boca Ra­ton

Scott’s bud­get ac­tions ex­tremely hyp­o­crit­i­cal

While our state House and Se­nate are in a stale­mate over this year’s bud­get due to an im­passe in re­gard to health care cov­er­age for the poor, Gov. Rick Scott, who pleaded the Fifth Amend­ment dozens of times on charges of medi­care fraud, now finds him­self threat­en­ing hos­pi­tals and doc­tors to open up their books as it per­tains to their prof­its.

He is ac­cus­ing them of putting their prof­its over the wel­fare of our poor. Talk about call­ing the ket­tle black!

Ron­ald Cal­vano, of Sun­rise, stated in his re­cent let­ter “that Pres­i­dent Obama didn’t men­tion po­lice of­fi­cers that were in­jured” is an out­right lie. He men­tioned it again at his press con­fer­ence, even call­ing some in the com­mu­nity “thugs” who com­mit­ted crimes.

It is ob­vi­ous Mr. Cal­vano has his bias against the pres­i­dent no mat­ter what he said.

How does any­one know how child will turn out?

I get a glimpse into the sub­con­scious when I see a re­dun­dant proabor­tion let­ter like the one posted last week. The ar­gu­ment al­ways goes back to, “Who is go­ing to pay for this un­wanted baby’s sup­port?”

Is it al­ways about money? How could any­one know a de­vel­op­ing child in the womb will turn out to be a drain on public funds, or a ne­glected crim­i­nal child and not a gift to so­ci­ety?

I think the real hid­den agenda is racism in the true vi­sion of Mar­gret Sanger to keep the poor and mi­nori­ties in check by abor­tion. How else would you ex­plain such a rea­son­ing?

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