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Dear Read­ers: Oc­to­ber is Na­tional Ad­pot-A-Shel­ter-Dog Month. Bring­ing home a new best friend from the shel­ter is the ideal way to cel­e­brate, but what if you can’t do that?

Here are some other ways to spread the mes­sage: Tell your friends, rel­a­tives and co-work­ers that there are marvelous, lov­ing, healthy and hu­mor­ous cats, dogs and pos­si­bly even rab­bits avail­able at the city shel­ter and your neigh­bor­hood Hu­mane So­ci­ety (hu­mane­so­ci­ Look­ing for a par­tic­u­lar breed? Use a search en­gine to look up res­cue groups for that breed.

Res­cued an­i­mals know that they are now safe and will re­pay you with love and grat­i­tude for many years to come.—Heloise


Dear Read­ers: Jez S. in Down­ing­town, Pa., sent a pic­ture of her 7-year-old Chi­huahua, Prid­die. But all we can see is Prid­die’s cute snout; she’s snug­gled ALL the way un­der her beau­ti­ful blue blan­ket in her bas­ket! Silly Prid­die!

To see what you can of Prid­die, as well as our other Pet Pals, visit and click on “Pet of the Week” at the top of the page. Do you have a silly snug­gler? Email Heloise@—Heloise


Dear Heloise: I’m usu­ally in the bath­room when the lights go out, so I keep one or two small flash­lights in the bath­room. Peo­ple joked about it un­til one day dur­ing a bad storm when the lights went out!—Michael in Day­ton, Ohio

FREEZE HAMBURGER Dear Heloise: I buy hamburger and other ground meats on sale. Then I brown it up, drain it and store it in the freezer in plas­tic con­tain­ers. Now I have cooked meat ready for spaghetti sauce! —Robin S., via email

UN­WANTED MAIL Dear Heloise: Ev­ery mail-or­der com­pany sends me un­wanted cat­a­logs. I tear my name and ad­dress off and toss them into a bin in front of the post of­fice for dis­carded mail.

This avoids clut­ter in the house, and I’m not tempted to or­der some­thing I don’t need.—An­nie in Ne­braska

An­nie, call the com­pa­nies; they can re­move your name from the mail­ing list. But this is a good im­me­di­ate fix.—Heloise

NAT­U­RAL WOMAN Dear Heloise: Thank you for your won­der­ful col­umn. It is part of my daily break­fast and news­pa­per read­ing time. Reusing panty­hose to bind twigs to re­cy­cle? My re­cy­cler said this may not be a good thing. Noth­ing ar­ti­fi­cial can be used to tie bun­dles. Ny­lon does not de­grade and may jam chip­per/shred­ders used to mulch the brush. Use jute twine, which does de­grade.—Dianne W., via email


Dear Read­ers: If you spray an air fresh­ener in a room with a lam­i­nate or wood floor, wipe the floor af­ter­ward. The wet spray can set­tle on the floor and cre­ate a slip-and-fall haz­ard.—Heloise

LET­TER OF LAUGH­TER Dear Heloise: Years ago, we had a lit­tle dog that loved to go on walks.

When I’d say “walk­ing” or “get my shoes on,” he’d get ex­cited, ready to go!—D.H. in Hous­ton

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